Hand Dryer Buying Guide – A Few Key Considerations

You’d be forgiven for assuming that when it comes to buying electric hand dryers, it’s simply a case of picking the first unit you come across with a cheap price. After all, it’s really just a box on the wall that blows hot air, so what’s the point in getting to bogged down with the details?

Well, according to the experts at www.blowmotion.co.uk this is exactly the kind of attitude that ends up leading so many down entirely the wrong path. If you take a quick look at the market for hand dryers on the web right now, one web search is enough to return hundreds of brands and literally tens of thousands of different models – something that should tell you there’s big difference from one unit to the next.

In terms of which model makes the better choice for you, it’s all about thinking carefully about where it will be used, on what kind of basis and by how many people. Some dryers are cheap to buy and expensive to run, others the exact opposite on both accounts and some will let you down after far fewer months or years than others.

Hand Dryer Buying Guide – A Few Key Considerations

So when the time comes to invest in any number of dryers for your own business or office, here’s a quick rundown of the primary pointers to bear in mind along the way:


First up, chances are the most important consideration for most businesses will of course be that of costs. After all, when you look at the tiny price of a paper towel holder compared to that of a quality dryer, you might be tempted to dive head-first into the cheapest electric dryer you can find.

Sadly, this is always a terrible idea for three very important reasons:

  1. Chances are it will do a terrible job drying hands and is therefore pointless.
  2. It might use a ton more electricity than a more expensive model and therefore cost you a hell of a lot more over the long-term.
  3. There’s a very strong chance it will wholly shut down after a short period of time and need replacing. As they say – buy cheap, buy twice!

Costs must be considered respectively as the running costs and long-term repairs and eventual replacement costs must be factored in before buying. It’s one thing to buy cheap, but if it means you end up spending several times more than necessary over the long-term future, there’s really no point in doing so. Ask a quality brand for more information on long-term costs if unsure.

User Traffic

Something else to consider before even considering a final purchase is that of just how many people are likely to use the dryer and on what kind of basis. For example, if you are operating a business with a bathroom that’s used by two persons no more than three times per day, you don’t necessarily need to invest in the most dynamic and robust hand dryer of epically powerful and expensive proportions. Conversely, a bathroom at a sporting venue being used by thousands of people pretty much every day of the week is certainly not the place for a bargain-basement dryer the likes of which was designed to be used infrequently at best.

All dryers at all levels across the board are created with a certain level of use and application setting in mind and this is really the only application they should be purchased for. Of course it’s better to buy a dryer that’s slightly more capable than is needed as opposed to one that’s not good enough, but again it’s wise to speak to a quality brand to help determine what would work best for your building and its occupants.

Location and Access

Last up in a technical sense at least, you’ll need to think long and hard about where exactly the dryer is going to be located for the sake of those using it and the rest of the building in general. For example, does the allocated space make it possible for the dryer to be used by adults, children and disabled users alike? In addition, if the dryer is to be located within close proximity to a meeting room or any environment that needs to be kept quiet, it’s important to consider investing in a low-noise dryer.

In all such instances, you should be able to get all the information you need from a quality brand or supplier, so be sure to ask as many questions as necessary to cover all of the above points before buying.

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