5 Amazing Cultural Destinations In South India You Need To Visit

Here are some of the best cultural wonders in the southern part of the country.

Madurai – The city known for its ancient culture and traditions that still influences the societies in Tamil Nadu. A 4000 year old city is home to some of the significant temples in the South like the Meenakshi Temple. Tourists can enjoy a walk through the narrow lanes of the city, which is dotted with several ancient temples, big and small. Each of them has a major contribution in history and were mostly built during the rule of Nayak dynasty. Still today you can find thousands of devotees and tourists, both international and domestic, visiting this ancient temples town and enriching themselves with its great history and culture. Along with these ancient temples, Madurai is also the venue for the annual Chithirai Festival. This 12-day long festival is a stage re-enactment of the wedding of celestial God Sundareshwarar and Goddess Meenakshi. After enjoying yourselves in this enriching trip, you can take Madurai Dubai flights or Madurai Mumbai flights to enjoy other destinations.

5 Amazing Cultural Destinations In South India You Need To Visit

Kochi – A small captivating city with a diverse historical background is one of the best places to enjoy a calm yet enriching holiday. Often included in the traveler’s list of best places in South India, Kochi is situated on the western coasts with abundance of natural beauty. Primarily a fishing village, Kochi’s fishermen are known for using equipments as old as 14th century. The city’s culture has been heavily influenced by the foreign colonists which came here looking for new trade routes. May it be the Arabs, Dutch, Chinese, Portuguese or the British, you’ll find their remnants in different forms. From old residential sectors to museums, the diverse culture of Kochi is something should not be missed.

Mysore – Also known as the ‘City of Palaces’, Mysore is a beautiful city in the state of Karnataka. During the medieval age, the entire region was known as the Mysore kingdom with kings from Chola, Hoysala and Sultan dynasties ruling it. With abundance of vintage architectural marvels like the Mysore Palace and Jaganmohana Palace and cultural festivals like Dasara, a trip to Mysore is a must. Some of the other famous tourist spots includes, Jayalakshmi Vilas, Lalitha Mahal and Chamundeshwari Temple.

Chennai – With a dynamic culture, history and alluring architecture of grand measures, Chennai is one of the prime tourist spots in the region. The capital of Tamil Nadu, Chennai is popularly called the ‘Gateway of the South’. One of the finest qualities of the city is that it has successfully kept its ancient culture intact along with allowing industrial and modern growth. The city is full of ancient Hindu temples and churches from the British era. The temples in Triplicane and Mylapore and the St. Thomas are some of the biggest religious attractions. After enjoying the cultural attractions in the city, you can find several Chennai to Dubai flights or Chennai to Delhi flights to go back.

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