Go Ductless with a Mini-Split Heat Pump – Few Ways to Save Money

If you are building a new home for yourself or are just thinking about remodeling to make some changes you must consider installing ductless mini splits. People who are looking for ways to save some money in their electric bills should definitely visit the idea of installing mini splits in their homes. Mini can easily be explained as a mixture of a central air system and an old window AC.
Mini spills are ductless cooling and heating systems. It is most used in hotels rooms. The model available for residential usage is much more streamlined and smaller. Basically a mini split system has only two components – an outdoor condenser and an indoor air handling unit. These two are connected by a conduit and no ducts are used.
The main reason why ductless mini split systems gained popularity is that they are said to be very efficient and helpful in saving money in electric bills. Here are some of the most common ways you can save money by installing ductless mini splits in your home. Some of them are mentioned below for your benefit:-
Installing separate units –
There are many benefits associated with mini split systems, one of them is that you can install up to 8 exterior units for 1 interior unit. This means that by just installing one exterior unit you can have cooling and heating system in almost 8 different rooms of your house.
Each interior unit has its separate operation which means you can set different temperature in different rooms. With HVAC units you would have to settle for same temperature in the entire house and also suffer from cold corners, hot rooms etc.
Efficiency rating –
The efficiency of any air conditioner is measured by SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) Rating. It essentially means the higher the rating the better is the air conditioner at efficiency and money saving. According to the government it is compulsory that any new air conditioner must have a SEER rating of 13.
Some of the new split units have SEER ratings in the range of 16 – 21. These ratings speak for itself, which means that the mini split units offer better efficiency rate than the required minimum limit.
Remote control –
Another best thing about mini split system is that they are available with handy remote controls. You do not have to adjust the thermostat constantly to get a comfortable room temperature every time. You can adjust your room temperature with the remote control available with the mini split systems (available for every interior unit separately). These units also have sleep modes and timers which allows the users to have much better control on the system. You can set the timer when you sleep.
Quiet operation –
Most of the heating and cooling system makes a lot of noise while they operate. The noisy operation of this type of systems is outside the room. You will have a quiet operation in the interior units.
Mini split heat pumps are suitable for all kinds of home decors.

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