5 Easy Steps to Get That Flawless Shave Even If You Are New To Shaving

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It is neither a matter of concern nor something to be ashamed of if you don’t know how to achieve a flawless smooth shave. If you are one of those people who find it hard or are new to shaving then fret not. This blog will guide you through the steps for getting a perfect shave look.

In fact, you can attain that fine shave by following only few simple steps that practically anyone can do. So without further delay let’s start with the guide that is your road to achieve that clean cut shave.

1.Cleanse your face thoroughly

Before grabbing your razor of twin razor blades and start with your shaving mission you need to wash or cleanse your face thoroughly. It is essential to get rid off all the sweat, dirt and grime that have been hanging there on your face.

Plus, prepping your face by washing it with soap and warm water will soften up the whisker. Therefore, allowing you to move your razor across your face while shaving.

In fact, it would be even better if you shave after taking a nice shower. As your facial hair will be completely saturated with water.

2.Apply shaving gel or cream and let it rest

Now that your face is cleansed and prepped up for the shave. You need to apply a shaving gel or cream. Let it rest for a few minutes. It is recommended to use non-lathering shaving gel and cream that are generally chemical free.

Using a chemical free shaving gel or cream avoids any sort of irritation on your skin. The application of shaving cream is an important step to follow as it helps reduce friction while shaving. Plus, it simultaneously moisturizes your face.

3.Start shaving in the direction of facial hair growth

The consecutive step follows the crucial part which involves shaving your facial hair. However, keep in mind that while shaving always move your razor in the direction of the hair growth.

As this step is immensely significant, it is essential that you take your time and pay extra attention while shaving the sensitive areas of your face. For instance, your chin or the side burns.

We suggest you to use a sharp razor blade for the shave as using a blunt one can give you cut or bruise. Plus, you won’t be able to get that smooth shave.

4.Rinse with cold water instantly

Right after you are done with your shave, rinse off your freshly shaved face with cold water. Avoid using any cloth or towel to remove the shaving cream or gel. Use cold water immediately.

This step will help you to close off the open pores of your face. It will also help you to avoid any sort of inflammation or irritation after the shave.

5.Use an aftershave product positively

If you think that rinsing off was the last step then you are most certainly wrong. You got to invest on a nice aftershave product if you want a flawless shave.

Use the aftershave product on your face post-shaving in order to soothe out your face that might have become sensitive after the shave.

And just like that you will achieve that flawless shave. A pro tip from us is that if you want close shave then go for a twin razor blades that will give you more clean look.

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