Patent Alma: How to Apply & Obtain

patent alma

If you’re a company that is secretly stowing away their Trojan horse to take over your competition, chances are you have a good innovation up your sleeve. However, now that you have this invention, possibilities are that you are thinking of getting a patent.

Now, as you know this Patent alma procedure is crucial for registering innovations and trademarks to prevent other competition from unlawfully using your products, service and innovation.

Thus, you might wonder now, how to get a patent. Moreover, if you want to register this innovation by the government, yet not lose your rights, you are scratching your head thinking of the process involved to get a patent.

Well, worry not! This blog is here to address the complicated (not so much) topic of addressing a patent

Read on,

What is the Step Taken to Get a Patent?

The first thing you need to do is find a company that offers patent registration services. This company might normally offer a lawyer scrutinizing the product, which is said to be the invention.

If this attorney agrees on the authenticity and uniqueness of the product, he/she will require you to submit detailed graphical documentation of the product, along with images.

After this, the patent lawyer will form a draft mentioning patent specifications regarding the innovation, for sending it to the source inventor. The inventor will then make the necessary changes in the product, like tagline, sticker, descriptions etc.

Once done, the inventor will once more send the product back to the lawyer. As soon as the patent specification is complete, it’ll be sent to a patent institute for obtaining the patent.

What to do to Apply for the Patent?

If your business is based in Turkey, then for the obtainment of the patent, you need to send a receipt of application fee and patent petition to the Turkish Patent Institute. Now, make sure to install the patent specifications in this application.

This petition will then be reviewed by the Turkish institution, which will then send a letter to the company issuing it. This letter will state whether the application is correct or not.

As soon as the company gets the letter of approval, it will have to drop the research request within 15 months and also pay the research fees.

Once done, the Turkish Research Institute will revert back and deliver the research report to the company.

If this report submitted by the TRI is considered to be right, the company will issue a request for examination 1, with fees to be paid. Consequent to this the Turkish Institution will forward the examination 1 report to the owner of the company.

The owner will then pay the registration fee to acquire the patent almaNow, in case there are negatives the Turkish Institution will take the report back and send it to the inventor and so on until the report is 100% positive.

Only when it’s positive can the patent be issued otherwise, it will be negated.

So, now that you’re aware of the ways to acquire the patent, start with the application form today, and try to avoid negatives. All the best!


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