5 Essential Things To Carry On An Adventure Tour

5 Essential Things To Carry On An Adventure Tour

Going on holiday is one of the most exciting pleasures in life. To take yourself away from the mundane reality of the everyday grind and go and explore new worlds and new places across the globe is simply breath-taking in some cases! The thing is that not every holiday suits everyone, and sometimes you want something more adrenaline-centred than the average beach break. So, what is there to do? Do you go crabbing on the shores of England? Do you head to the usual Spanish spot to avoid change? Or do you take the bull by the horns and go on an epic holiday through adventure tour operators?

5 Essential Things To Carry On An Adventure Tour

The Trail You Blaze

Adventure tour operators are there to assist you in something different – something exhilarating and something simply new. Whether you are heading on a gap year or just want some time out of the rat race to explore uncharted territories, you’ll love the idea of an adventure. You will already likely know what the must-haves are when packing for a sandy beach holiday, but what are the essentials you should carry on an adventure tour?

The Outside

Most adventure tours don’t require you to worry about packing the latest and greatest tent, as it’s something that is usually supplied. However, you should pack a sleeping bag and a roll mat. These can both be attached to your backpack and are light. You’ll need a holdall for your belongings with a maximum of 90 litres and a maximum 20-litre day pack on your back for the essentials. Suitcases aren’t ideal, but you can find fantastically lightweight holdalls of all sizes in sports shops, so don’t worry about that.

The Inside

Bring your passport. This and any visa requirements should be sorted out before you go and stored in a waterproof wallet and kept with you at all times. Waterproofs are a smart idea, especially if you are going on a tour during the rainy season or to a particularly wet place, such as a Tropical Rainforest like the Amazon Jungle. You can never guarantee the weather where you are going – keeping dry is important so you don’t get sick (or miserable!) while you’re enjoying your adventure holiday. Keep a first-aid or medical kit in your bag for your own personal use. This can include painkillers, rehydration salts and Immodium, insect repellent and sunscreen. These items are small so can be carried in an essentials bag wherever you are.

You will have been given a list of the things to pack for an adventure, but the key here is to be smart. Walking boots are an obvious essential on an adventure, and you may not think it, but lots of spare socks are always essential. Socks that are dry keep you from developing sore and damp feet while you’re walking if, for whatever reason, your boots leak. Going on an adventure is not always risk-free, but ensuring you stay warm and dry and keep your wits about you can mean that you are in for something very exciting, and you will enjoy it more than than you would an average holiday.

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