5 Jewelry Trends You Will Encounter In 2016

5 Jewelry Trends You Will Encounter In 2016

Whenever you look around, you see people wearing a variety of jewelry pieces showing how important jewelry has become in the 21st century. However, the importance of jewelry varies just as the designs do. There are people who wear jewelry as they think that jewelry can showcase their social status. Then there are those who buy jewelry as an investment. Generally, the main reason why people buy jewelry is because of its appearance and its value. In addition, the emerging trends in the fashion industry have increased the importance of jewelry. Models showcase beautifully designed pieces of jewelry as they walk the ramp in fashion events. In 2016, many trends are emerging and gaining spotlight in the fashion industry, as well as, our normal life.

5 Jewelry Trends You Will Encounter In 2016

Diamond Collars:

One of the major trends emerging in the fashion industry are diamond collars. These collars were introduced widely in fashion events in 2016. Many models have been seen walking the ramps with diamond collars around their necks. Many actresses such as Jennifer Lawrence have worn these diamond collars on award ceremonies. The trend of diamond collars is spreading with each passing day.


These close-fitting necklaces are trending everywhere. Chokers are mainly bands that are used to be worn around the neck. This jewelry piece is available in different prices all over the world. Many actresses have been seen wearing these neck jewelry pieces. Warrior chokers gained the spotlight in fashion events held by several fashion designers such as Balmain J.W Anderson and Elie Saab.

Oversize Earrings:

Oversize earrings are one of the most trending jewelry pieces in 2016. The core reason for this is that they are available in a variety of designs and prices. This jewelry piece is affordable by everyone. Oversize earrings are being worn on many fashion events such as an event held by Proenza Schouler. However, another reason why oversize earrings are gaining fame is because they can be worn on different occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and formal dinners.

Stacking Rings:

Stacking rings are a common yet trending piece of jewelry all around the globe. These rings can be used as gifts on different occasions such as birthdays or Valentine’s Day. The most intriguing reason to why stacking rings have gained so much fame in 2016 is that they are available in prices fit for everyone separately. Above that, companies are producing stacking rings in different designs increasing their demand overall.

Body Chains:

Steel chains have been spotted in New York in the beginning of this season around the Rodarte models. Body chains are used around the neck, belly and hands as well. Models have been seen wearing these body chains at fashion events from fashion designers such as Alexander McQueen.

Fashion industry has continuously evolved and is still being revolutionized as new trends emerge in 2016. Some of the trends which have occupied 2016 till yet are given above, however, no one knows what else is to come!

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