5 Nude Shades People Are Raving About

5 Nude Shades People Are Raving About

Two things are certain: First, girls love gel nail polish. And second, there is no doubt about it. Nail polishes have been in existence since a long time and our generation has seen various makeovers. They range from simple solid colours to beautiful art works for the decoration of your nails! Quite recently there was a new trend of having nude nail polishes which surfaced online, and in the subsequent years, nude nail polishes went from boring to extremely interesting. Nude polishes accentuate the complexion of a person and make the fingernails compliment the skin tone. For fair skinned people, a darker lacquer is advisable while of darker skin tones lighter peach ones work best.

5 Nude Shades People Are Raving AboutHere we bring forth the top 5 Nude Nail colours that are now ruling the world market-

Rose Abstract– This nude nail colour is suitable for medium to darker skin tones and has a really subtle pink colour to it which works well in uplifting the overall look. Can be easily worn on any occasion and be sure that it will deliver its promised look.

Peach Beige– This peach coloured nude works miraculously well with different skin tones and can accentuate various looks. It is also suitable for those with a white nail bed. Getting it a great addition to the makeup kit.

Tan Shade– A mild tan shade nail polish is suitable for fair skinned people and adds a startling new aspect to the entire makeup. It is a must have for various party occasions.

Plush Taupe Chocolate– This adds a whole new look to anyone with a medium to dark skin and adds a rich look to the whole makeup.

Milk Chocolate– This shade is amazing when it comes to all skin types. An unusual tint to the fingernail gets it noticed and helps in the accentuation of the holistic look.

Remember that the days of boring old nail polishes are gone, Just get yourself any of the above shades and layer your look with these stunning pieces. No matter what colour you need there is always a shade for you. Good luck shopping!

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