How To Set Your Hassle Free Morning Routine?

How To Set Your Hassle Free Morning Routine?

Are you one of the people who are battling with inadequate time in the weekday’s morning often? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. 8 AM in the morning clock comes as a nervous breakdown where we are trying to get our head around every task that needs to achieve and leave our home in expectation to cut the traffic to reach office on time. In spite of everything, some of us are still battling with sleep and reached the office, not on time!

Our day is starting from the morning which is the base of our mood for the rest day. So our morning’s mood can drain us or leave us energized for the whole day. A hurried and stressed out opening of the day, regrettably, can be a way for disaster for the same day.

If you’re awake and thinking about go to gym or not, the outfit that you are going to wear today for office, the dilemma of catching one more little snoozing and everything else that you need to keep in mind but are forgetting, you’re setting yourself up for a sudden attack of time shortage of time at the last moment.

How To Set Your Hassle Free Morning Routine?

To simplify your morning time, you have to give yourself a little bit of time in the night before; to face the next hurried mooring and give a perfect start to your day.

Here’s some precious advice to experience a clutter-free morning:

If your daybreak is tight prepare your breakfast in the previous night

Preparing breakfast is one of the most time-consuming tasks if you are a single person. For this, you can prepare your breakfast the night before, or you can eat fruits or the easy to make instant breakfast like break toast, Poha, smoothie, and oatmeal etc.

Arrange your wardrobe in accordance to your taste & requirements

Arrange your clothes serial wise which you are going to wear next week in the wardrobe, by doing this you will be about to choose your outfit without thinking too much in the morning, will save your precious time.

Schedule your meetings/agendas/in your calendar

You can use a calendar app in your IOS of Android device and put everything like your meetings & agendas, you need to get done through this week. Arrange your upcoming tasks in advance saves you from the pressure of trying to keep in mind them, the confusion of setting up what to do when and delay on to-dos.

Give some time for your weekend to easy start

Give some time to declutter the collected mess of the next week, can give you hassle free feeling and prepared you to take on the next week days. This comprises making sure your kitchen is full with all necessary ingredients, small maintenance work in the home, doing laundry and many other small things. This will help you to welcome your weekdays with good note and less tension and light mood.

Preparing your necessary things like lunch box/gym kit/office bag in the previous night

The more of these upper mentioned tasks you get done during the night, the less worried you’ll be in the next day (because these all takes can waste you 15 – 20 minutes from your precious time in the morning). By following this you’ll also tend to forget fewer things, which is more expected to happen while you struggling from the shortage of time.

Buy home in close proximity from office or in the neighborhood of well-developed infrastructure

Location of your home plays an important role in your punctuality and make easy for you to travel anywhere at any time.  So always prefer to buy or rent a home which is nearby commercial district or main road & metro connectivity. DLF Crest a residential project from DLF Developer located at Sector 54 on Golf Course Road, Gurgaon India is the best example in this term.

How To Set Your Hassle Free Morning Routine?

Take an easy stroll in the green landscape before you get stuck into laptop or smart phones.

Getting stuck into your laptop or smart phones before going to bed, gets your brain stuck amid a lot of things, which not let your mind refresh all over the night.  In its place, go out from the four walls of your homes into Mother Nature helps it gradually reset from its slumber and recharge it sufficient to deal with the next day.

Meditate to clear clutter from your mind and think unmistakably

Meditation is like a junk cleaner for your mind. It deletes the junk files from your mind that occupy the space and ease your thought process. As well giving few minutes for meditation will give you brain a boost, similar to the Vitamin B and Omega meditation will get better your ability to think imaginatively without tiredness.

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