5 Reasons Your Retail Store Needs A Top Mobile App Today

No matter which DVD store, a small town boutique, or an athletic garments shop you run, it’s obvious every owner wants his/her target market to accept and love their brand.Even after providing an exceptional customer service and genuinely satisfying the target market’s demand, businesses at times feel it is not enough. The solution comes in the name of top mobile apps as being one of the trendiest practices businesses use to enhance their operational productivity and revenues.When we talk about retail businesses, it’s all about providing enough convenience for the customers to be able to access your store shelves from literally anywhere, at any time. So how powerful a mobile app can be to influence your retail store? Let’s examine the reasons that should convince any retail owner to acquire the use of a top-quality mobile app for their daily business.

5 Reasons Your Retail Store Needs A Top Mobile App Today

  1. Apps are everywhere

Let’s not forget your competitors are using or planning to use a mobile app for their store at this moment. Not only medium-sized firms and startups, but established enterprises are also very much in the competition.It is a fact that customers who go through a company’s brand and offerings via a mobile app show higher probability to get attracted to the brand as compared to businesses who lack any digital medium for customer interaction and engagement.The reason being is travelling to the store has become traditional and a quite a one-dimensional way for most of us. It’s all about enjoying the convenience of having every tiny detail at your fingertips!

  1. It’s about an interactive and fun-filled experience

A mobile app encourage the customer to interact and engage more as compared to those distracting and time-consuming walks down the shelf of a store to search the desired product. Take Sephora for instance,a French cosmetics chain facilitates its target market by providing them a feature “Beauty Board Feature” in its app where customers can use products without actually trying on makeup.

Take another case of Urban Outfitters for example: where the app “Urban On” offers you rewards while shopping. Each of their store is Wi-Fi-installed and every registered app user is provided a unique QR code which will be scanned at the time of purchase. At signup you get a coupon worth of 10% off, while at checkout the QR code is scanned automatically that enlists you in a competition of getting a $500 gift card.Quite a fun and engaging way to tempt your customers all from a mobile app!

  1. A variety of opportunities

Things like coupons are considered as healthy incentives or perks to tempt a customer into purchasing a product, while taking out these coupon clippings from newspapers is a discontinued approach. By offering discounts like 15% off on a brand, you are rewarding your most loyal customer group an incentive for downloading and using your app. The purpose of such sales is to spread a positive word-of-mouth among your customers and acquire a better brand recognition. The customer will happily say, “The company considers my needs seriously and provides great benefits in terms of different cheap buying packages.”Take Walmart for instance, whose revenues have skyrocketed after the emergence of their app “Savings Catcher” as it provides amazing cost-matching and premium offers.

It’s not just about identifying the gaps and delivering accordingly, but experienced and sophisticated Android and iOS app development companies in UAE or across the globe knows what it takes to deliver an absolute value addition solution.Providing different opportunities to your target market for utmost satisfaction is everything!

  1. Utterly convenient

Customizable search engines are highly helpful for users in understanding and finding their core needs.For example, Home Depot is ideal for customers who are in a hurry and want to get through their shopping frenzy as swiftly as possible. This home improvement accessories superstore uses an app that assists customers in getting familiar with the in-store inventory placement in the shelves. The point is to make the shopping experience as stress-free and smooth as possible.Another example of is the ‘Target’app that aids customers in acquiring a product from a nearby store or place an order to collect through shipment.

  1. Better customer satisfaction

A‘word-of-mouth’ is a highly powerful marketing weapon not many companies truly understand. Showing interest in how others review or rate a specific brand is an undeniable aspect of human nature. ULTA, a cosmetics and beauty chain of stores in US uses an app while marketing an attractive tagline, “tap into something gorgeous”. The app supports customer feedback transparency permitting you to review what other customers have to say about a specific beauty product. With your smartphone in hand, the app will scan any ULTA product’s bar code that will instantly display all the added reviews and ratings of that particular product. Adding such features in an app willingly promote a nice online forum communication that is advantageous for your business, brand and audience as well.

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