Why Women Love To Splurge Their Money On Handbags?

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Handbags have always been an integral fashion item in every woman’s wardrobe. Not just those handbags elevate your style quotient; a handbag serves numerous functions as well. Right from carrying all your make-up products to your office and stationary items, a handbag can bear it all. When such a useful thing comes in so many exquisite designs and variety of striking hues, it gets even better. In the contemporary, different types of handbags have been introduced in the market ranging from leather to Perspex bags, from canvas to leatherette bags, and what not. Women have always adored handbags which are why these have always been in much demand since quite a long time. For a woman, a handbag describes her personal statement; it is a way of self-expression, definitely her favorite fashion accessory, and a status symbol as well. Here are some of the significant reasons why women love to splurge their money on handbags, even if they have to break their banks.

Reasons Why Women Go Crazy for Handbags

There are several reasons why women love to buy handbags of different kinds. Even if they already possess too many, a woman can never say no to any bags. Read out the following points to understand a woman’s love for handbags.

Why Women Love To Splurge Their Money On Handbags?

Super Functional

Yes, this is the fundamental reason why handbags actually came into existence. Handbags were designed in order to help women carry all the essentials whenever they need to step out of the house. You can carry anything you want to, right from your makeup prerequisites to office supplies and stationary items. Handbags are available in different sizes and designs and you can easily pick one according to your requirement and choice.

A Must Have Fashion Accessory

Gradually, when handbags started to become a fashion piece that was the time when different types of bags were introduced to satisfy the requirements of the women. Handbags are not only limited to be something that is functional, but something that is as fashionable and an emblem of vogue as well. With the changes in trend, women love to change their handbags as well. When it comes to fashion, a woman can never compromise with her handbags.

Symbol of Personal Statement

Everyone has their personal style. There are people who are introverts, then there are those outspoken ones. Just like your dressing sense, the kind of bags you carry also describes who you are. There are women who live a lavish life and hence love to carry bags made of animal skin, or anything that is super expensive. On the other hand, you will find environment-lovers, who can be easily spotted carrying canvas shopping bags while strutting on the streets of the market.

A Medium of Self Expression

A handbag speaks a lot about your individuality, about who you are. It is quite easy to identify a fashionista from the kind of handbag she is carrying. Not every woman can carry every type of handbag. For instance, if you ever spot a lady who loves channeling plain canvas tote bags, you can easily recognize that the lady is an easygoing soul that hardly cares about the world. Hence, a handbag is a way of expressing oneself; it is about the identity of a woman.

Status Symbol

It may sound a little too weird, but one of the most important and common reasons why women love to splurge their money on handbags is to flaunt their money. There are various iconic bags of different luxury fashion houses that cost hundreds of pounds and women love to buy them. It is in fact a matter of status symbol, when it comes to handbags. A woman will never give a second thought when it comes to buying a classic piece.

So, these were just a few reasons why women love to spend their money on handbags. While in the olden days when it was more about luxury and extravagance, these days,modern women lay more importance on the utility. Also, with the ever-deteriorating environment, the need of using eco-friendly bags is also increasing. This is the reason why women are often seen carrying jute bags, canvas bags bulk, etc. Well, whatever the kind is, you may never spot a woman without her favorite accessory, i.e. a handbag!

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