5 Things To Keep In Mind About Washroom

From our childhood onwards, we are using the washrooms in our houses. For a few people it just washroom, but for some other people its good place where they can read the newspaper, have some smoke, listen music while having the shower and having a great time with their partners in the washroom. It is the place for so many people where they train the brain to generate new ideas. There are some people also spend their time in washroom to get rid of their depression and sadness out of them. Especially for young girls it is the place where they check their beauty status at that time, if any, good mirror exists in that room they spend more time in that wash room. Simply a washroom not just washroom, so here the list of things we have to consider while constructing the washroom.


If you have a good space for constructing the home, give some spacious place for the washroom. It’s necessary to keep a bit space in the washroom as at least 3 people can fit in. Design the washroom according to your choice taste which satisfies you. Ask architect and tell them your requirement and to give a design for the washroom. The look of the washing room should look quite pleasant, so you can enjoy the shower and any other timing you spend in.

5 Things To Keep In Mind About Washroom


Build at least a good no of shelves in the washroom to keep things near by you. Most of the people arrange a good wide range of shelves in the washroom where we can keep soap trays, first year kids, some personal things and other things. A wooden shelves look better than normal material, but the thing, consider here is, the wood should get covered up with waterproof coating otherwise it won’t much time to get damaged.

Water Supply

The water pipes we use must be a good material other it can rust on easily in quick time. Once if get started rusting it looks awkward and we do not prefer to use that water. The piping, planning also needed to be taken care here, we should keep a good no of taps in washroom and extra pipe flowing paths, if any one path gets damaged we can go for another one.

Shock Proof

We use different type electronic items in washroom like geezers, heaters, hair driers, washing machines, steam, water generators and other any electrical appliances, all these appliances should be connected with the a good standard wiring mechanism. A good standard quality wire material, which is capable of anti-short circuits and shock proofs.


We observe lot washrooms in our relative’s home or any other places washrooms are congested and not spacious. There should be a proper ventilation channel should be maintained. If we build the washroom with a good ventilation mechanism, it gives a fresh into washroom which eliminates bad smell out of the washroom. A good sun, heat and sun rays directly falling into the washroom can eliminate the insects naturally.

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