4 Bad Habits That Effect On Your Sleep And Health

4 Bad Habits That Effect On Your Sleep And Health

Insufficient sleep may increase your risk of developing high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. Sleep is not just for who feels tired, Your role in maintaining health is very important. For example, quality sleep strengthens the immune system, increase memory capacity, Helps regulate metabolism and even impacts on our ability to learn.

Insufficient sleep is often linked to bad habits that we don’t realize; Here are the factors that disrupt your sleep and if you don’t necessarily change will sleep more, but definitely better:

Reading Before Bed

Many people like to relax with a book reading before going to sleep. But how, you choose to read, it could affect melatonin levels and cost REM sleep.

A study by the Research Center of Light from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute showed that even two hours spent staring at the screen of an iPad, near bedtime, are sufficient to banish you sleep.

It turned out that light from such devices delayed circadian rhythms, leading to the production of smaller amounts of melatonin, a hormone necessary for sleep quality. Deprivation of melatonin affects not only sleep, but was also linked to brain aging, cancer and even seasonal affective disorder.

4 Bad Habits That Effect On Your Sleep And Health

Lack of Exercise

Sleep and exercise are complementary. Regular training can help you sleep better and, conversely, you are more likely to exercise, if you do well rest overnight.

Solution: Exercise every day if you can, ideally in the morning. Because at bedtime Making a very vigorous aerobic exercise too close to bedtime can be Negative, Exercise Before 2 hours of bedtime Making you feel too full of energy so you can fall asleep.

A Glass of Wine Before Bed

There is a persistent myth according to which a little alcohol before bed to help you relax and therefore, you will sleep easier. Researchers have shown that this is not only true, but the reality is the opposite. They found that alcohol helps people fall asleep faster and deeper, but only for a short period. Alcohol actually shortens REM sleep, people known as the “dream stage” of sleep.

REM sleep disruption has serious consequences. Without adequate sleep, REM, serotonin and dopamine levels are adversely affected, and this has a negative impact on mental health.

Sleepless and Inconsistent

You used to steal an hour of sleep today, An hour tomorrow, Thinking that you will recover the weekend. Unfortunately, This does not really solve the problem. Create a lack of sleep and trying to recover later than you actually throws off the circadian rhythm of our bodies, causing both sleeplessness and poor sleep quality, causing insomnia and sleep so badly.

More seriously, according to researchers at the University of Pennsylvania, lack of sleep can lead to brain damage.

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