Carpark Prices vs Holiday Prices

Ever really thought about how much you are paying for your car parking when you go on holiday? Well if you don’t already, then you’ll be shocked to know that 7 of the most expensive airport car parks in the world are in Britain!

Britain has the most expensive airport parking in the world, with some people spending more than the cost of the holiday itself. A report from parking app JustPark has revealed that London City has the highest charges in the world, at a penny pinching £315 A WEEK! That’ll set you back more than a week on the beach in Spain!

Holidaymakers are not the only ones stung by parking rip-offs – family and friends on pick-ups are also charged extortionate amounts for short-term parking – with UK airports charging up to £12 per hour at peak times, the cost of the holiday just keeps adding up, let alone petrol!

Just how Expensive is the UK?

Take a look at some of these approximate parking charges around the world!

  • Heathrow – £12
  • Sydney – £11
  • Gatwick – £10
  • Stansted – £10
  • Glasgow – £9
  • Edinburgh – £8.90
  • Madrid – £7.94
  • Belfast – £7.50
  • Los Angeles – £7
  • Paris – £6.60
  • Milan – £6.60
  • New York – £5.50
  • Athens – £5.40

So the big question on everybody’s lips is how can we avoid paying these extravagant charges?

Carpark Prices vs Holiday PricesWhat are the Other Alternatives to Airport Parking?

Well until last year, apart from public transport (which can sometimes work out equally as expensive, especially if you are traveling with a large family!) I hadn’t heard of any other ways other than airport parking. However, I’ve done a little bit of digging and have found a new app on the market that just may help! Just Park – this is described as the alternative, affordable solution for many holiday makers. You are able to choose an airport and then rent a parking space close by! IT states on the website that they have more than 200 homeowners renting out their driveways near Heathrow, with many of them offering free lifts to and from the airport – all from as little at £21.50 a week! That’s a saving of nearly 90% in comparison to airport car parking prices.

Now I don’t know about you, but I’m not sure how I feel about leaving my car on some random persons drive way, however, I would be willing to give it a go! They have reviews of each rental space online, with a profile dedicated to the owner too so you can see who you are going to be greeted by when you arrive, along with the street that you will be parking your car on. The specific details will only be given to you once you have confirmed your booking. I haven’t used this app service yet, but I certainly will be this summer, but be quick, these spaces get booked up fast! There are other companies that are described to be doing the same thing; YourParkingSpace and Park On My Drive, so have a look around and see which website you get on with the best – always check out their credentials with reviews before booking!You’ll need to be sure that the space is secure, especially if the cars being left for a week or more – though an underground space or a garage may be available. You’ll also need to consider how you get from the parking space to the airport – while more distant parking places will come cheaper, you may need to factor in a pricey taxi ride, which could again take the price up, making it the same price to park in the airport carpark.

Make sure you also check your local taxi service, they may be cheaper than you think! I was surprised last year when I rang my local airport transfer service in Cambridge and they were so much cheaper than parking there! So try and search all sources before making a final decision on transport. Remember to do your calculations wisely before you pack your flips flops and sports gear for your tennis holidays break in sunny Spain!

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