Determine The Best Golf Clubs For Yourself

Golf, as we all know, is a rich man’s game. Considering the fact that the equipments such as golf clubs, balls, gloves etc are generally very expensive, and even more expensive is a membership in a reputed golf course, it is generally only limited to people who can afford such things. Even though it is a pretty expensive game, over the years it has gained more popularity due to increase in per capita incomes and a booming economy. More and more people have started taking interest in the game, and as a result, a number of brands have started developing golf gear. And the most basic golf gear that any golfer is expected to have is a personal set of golf clubs. Now these golf clubs are highly personalized choices, as you would have to choose the best clubs which would suit your playing style. First and foremost, it is essential to determine your playing style, your golf prowess and skill. There are 4 universally accepted levels determined over the course of years, which are as follows-

1. High Handicap or 25+ Handicap

This category is applied to those who are relatively new to the game or have lost their skill at golf over the years due to non practice. These players require all the help they can get in order to level up their game. While experienced players might take shorter time to revive their lost skill, amateurs may have a harder time.

2. High Mid Handicap or 15-25 Handicap

These type of players are not necessarily golf lovers, but are reasonably good at it due to social protocols. They can be just recreational golf lovers, who like and understand the game well enough, but aren’t truly interested to take it to the next level. Even though they may be all right when it comes to swinging, but there is always a high possibility of them missing their shot every now and then.

3. Mid Low Handicap or 5-15 Handicap

This category of players generally consists of people who take an avid interest in the game and indulge in playing golf at least once every week. They may be accomplished golfers but can still tend to miss a shot or two every now and then.

4. Low Handicap or 0-5 Handicap

These are the people who are generally very skilled, because of their avid interest in the game. These people indulge in the game whenever they can and even pursue it professionally. They are highly skilled in this game and seldom miss a shot.

Determine The Best Golf Clubs For Yourself

Now there are different types of golf clubs present in the kit, and all of them have different functions and uses. The most basic types of clubs that one can expect in a kit are-

Woods- These are the hardest clubs that one needs to master. They are used for long distance shots, making them an ideal choice for hitting the ball from the fairway all the way to the hole. They were originally made of wood, hence giving it the name. But from the onset of the 80s they started to be manufactured using only iron. However, even today, they are popular still as woods. The shafts are made of hollow titanium and graphite, and a variety of other metals can be used, depending upon user preference.

Irons- These are the iron headed, with a shorter shaft and a more leaner angle than the woods. They are a popular choice amongst golfers to get out of tricky situations like lobbing the ball over trees, sand pits, and even some long ranged shots. They are generally numbered 3 to 9 in the kit, each having different attributes which make them the perfect choice for certain shots. The clubs keep getting harder as the number keeps on going, and the user may switch them as per need.

Wedges- Wedges are a subclass of the irons, and are used for more altitude bearing, short distance shots. They come in handy for tricky situations such as getting out of trees, sand bunkers etc. They have heavy clubheads and wider soles, and can be used for build up shots and even getting the ball into the green zone. The method used by this club for getting the ball out of obstacles is called chipping. A class of clubs called chippers also was discovered on the basis of this use. Different types are pitching wedge, sand wedge, lob wedge and gap wedge.

Putters- Putters are the clubs used to roll the ball onto the grass, with a loft not increasing more than ten degrees. This makes it the perfect choice for the golfer to use to roll the ball from the green zone into the cup. They are the clubs which determine the result of the game and are absolutely imperative to have in one’s golf set.

Now, every category of players might not find any one set of clubs particularly useful. That is, different sets might be useful to different category of players. High handicap players, for example, might find help in clubs which will help them lift the ball up easier and not dig into the turf. Similarly, low handicap players will not be reading this post as they are already well versed with the kind of clubs which are the best for them. Knowing the clubs is very important if one is aspiring to be a golfer. You can find out more about different kinds of golf clubs from your nearby store or through various dealers online.

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