5 Top Tips To Explain Inbound Marketing To Your Boss and Top Management

5 Top Tips To Explain Inbound Marketing To Your Boss and Top Management

So, you are aware of inbound marketing, have lots of content ideas and outline for your buyer personas to improve the quality leads to your business. You may be all ready to implement it in your marketing team. But you need a go ahead from top management to make it happen. So, how exactly you convince the top management or your boss that inbound marketing is worth the investment. Here are a few tips to pitch inbound marketing to your boss or upper management for more chances of positive results:

5 Top Tips To Explain Inbound Marketing To Your Boss and Top Management

  1. Do a proper research

No matter which industry you belongs to, your boss or upper management thrives on plans, facts and figures. So, be ready to explain the workings of inbound marketing and why is it the better option. Have compelling reasons complete with facts and statistics before even broaching the subject. And this will lead to the fact that it’s a need of your business because of today’s tech savvy consumers.

  1. Think like upper management then act like a consumer

Your boss and upper management are there for a good reason. So, start from the beginning and explain to them like they have no idea about it. Also, try to avoid criticizing their current marketing methods.

Inbound marketing follows a buyer centric approach. As it puts the emphasis on buyer only, it can be pretty hard for your boss or manager to see the bigger picture. So talk about a specific brand so that they can relate to it.

  1. Explain the logistics with visuals

These strategies won’t be implemented by the upper management or the boss himself, so talk about only high level details. And help them see that inbound marketing can actually help salespeople and marketers streamline their efforts to work more efficiently. Explain the management through visuals. Connect the example of a brand that you gave the boss and top management with the content and go through them together.

  1. Give them time to process it all

In your excitement to make the top management understand the need for inbound marketing and how it can benefit your business, you must be eager to get things started. But the people who you have just given a presentation to may not be ready as of yet. Have patience and let them process all the information that you have given.

  1. And let the numbers do their talking

For your inbound marketing strategy, only have SMART i.e specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time based goals. And make sure you are committed to each of these measurables. When explaining about inbound marketing to the upper management and your boss, give them the detail of who, what, why, when, where and how. If there is the case that your goals don’t relate to the sales team or your bottom line, rework on them.

In any organization and at any level change is a process. And you have to let the top level people process this change. Make sure you have all the research and ready to answer any questions that these people may have. Having the case studies of successful results of inbound marketing investment handy will give more value to what you have presented. Know in beforehand, if this will be done in-house, then who would be in the team and the first course of action; or an external team would be hired.

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