Send My Bike-An International Bike Shipping Service

Send My Bike-An International Bike Shipping Service

If you want to transport your bike to another destination then send my bike can help you well. It is an international bike shipping service. However before using this international bike shipping service you will have to make your vehicle well prepared for it. This involves reducing the fuel in the tank up to less than eighth in it. You will need to secure the bike cables if you have any. Just remove all other accessories that you want to keep with it.

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You will have to get your bike exported to the warehouse of send my bike that is a shipping company. You can also send your vehicle directly to the sea port. If you are residing near a sea port or a metro hub then you can just drop of your bike by yourself. In another way you can take the help of many bike transporters who advertise their services on internet. Just be sure that you take door to door service and mention that the final destination of your vehicle is the export sea port or warehouse of the transport shipping company. When the task of bike delivery comes truck transporters do not agree going to the sea ports and warehouses that are within their boundary. They do this due to long queues as well as congestions. You should ask overseas shipping service if they can give you bike pick up facility as many of them have business contracts with companies engaged in vehicle transportation.

Send My Bike-An International Bike Shipping Service

While getting your bike shipped out of the UK make sure that your vehicle has original papers and documents. By original we mean those papers that have been issued by the department of bikes. Your vehicle should not have any unpaid liability towards the bank or any financial organization. Today UK customs have framed a rule that all exported vehicles should be cleared of liabilities for export before the departure. This rule will also be applicable to your bike.

An overseas bike shipping company will provide you with 2 options to get your bike exported overseas. The first option is shipping by ocean container and the other one is roll off bike shipping. If you choose the option of shipping your bike with ocean container then the shipping company will load your bike inside the ocean container like other cars or cargo. This option is cheaper and much more reliable because here you will be charged only for space that your bike occupies inside the container. The container will be safe because it will be closed and well sealed until completion of the overseas trip.

If you choose the option of roll off shipping then in this kind of shipping your bike will get delivered directly to the port. It will be loaded in a special car vessel. This means that the workers at the port will load the bike inside the bike carrier vessel. This kind of service is just limited to the coverage of ports and depends on your shipping destination.


Send my bike is an international bike shipping service. It is very cost effective and reliable when the issue comes to shipping a bike in safe mode at an affordable cost. You just have to follow the requirements of shipping step by step as told by this shipping company and you can get your bike exported safely to any international destination.

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