5 Tricks To Fight Bad Breath You Did Not Know

5 Tricks To Fight Bad Breath You Did Not Know

Every time you open your mouth, people move away, the plants wither and the air begins to run out. Fear that the awful breath that often leaves it scares those around you. However, since to stay with your mouth closed all your life does not seem a feasible solution, today we give you some tips to that you can put an absolute end to this problem. Therefore, it is time to take some precautions because halitosis may be a symptom of a much larger problem.

5 Tricks To Fight Bad Breath You Did Not Know

  1. Dental Floss

First things first: you must make sure your mouth is completely clean. And for this, it is necessary that you go to floss once a day. This measure is essential to remove food debris that built up between your teeth and gums, and thus prevent flourish bacteria responsible for bad odor.

  1. The Tongue

When brushing teeth, how much attention you lend your tongue? You have to know that if you really want to eliminate bad breath also have to brush it. And its slightly rough surface favors the accumulation of food debris and all kinds of bacteria. Therefore, after brushing your teeth, spend some time with your tongue!

  1. Pills?

Mints do not cure bad breath, plug it for a moment and, at the end of the day, can contribute to accentuate it. Why? Because these pills usually contain plenty of sugar and this is a real treat for oral bacteria.

  1. Food

Food affects everything and your breath is no exception. On the one hand, there are foods that by their terrible stench contribute to halitosis; clear examples are garlic and onion. On the other, there are foods such as meat, which in the teeth and gums and to be more difficult to remove, conducive to the accumulation of bacteria responsible for bad breath stick.

  1. Green Tea

Green tea and its powerful antibacterial properties will help you enjoy the fresh breath to which both aspire. Want to maximize the benefits of this variety of tea? Then, add a cinnamon stick; essential oils also help to crush the stench.

Put into practice these tricks, and if bad breath persists, do not stop talking to your doctor. Other health problems that can be affecting your smelly situation. So if you suffer, raise the antennas and consult your doctor. He will help to dispel all doubts and rid of bad breath.

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