5 Ways To Have Affordable Honeymoon

Between setting up a brand new household and paying for wedding expenses, many new families find that they don’t enough money left for a wonderful honeymoon. In reality, we don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy an amazing honeymoon at our dream destinations. Here are things to do to have wonderful honeymoon at reduced costs:

1. Ask people for honeymoon as a gift:

Some of us are lucky enough to have wealthy relatives who are willing to offer slightly luxurious gifts. Instead of getting an expensive couch or wide screen TV as a gift, we may ask for honeymoon as a gift. In this case, some relatives could contribute money toward our honeymoon plan. This could help us to pay for more expensive components of the honeymoon, such as accommodation and dining at fancy restaurant.
5 Ways To Have Affordable Honeymoon

2. Go to exchange homes:

In some cases, it is better to mingle with the locals instead of living in more touristy locations. In this case, we could choose home exchanges for affordable honeymoon experience. In a nutshell, we could stay in someone’s house while they live in ours. This may sound risky, but many people have done this.
There’s a club for this activity and you can look online for them. With home exchanges, it is possible to cut our travel expenses by more than half. In this case, we could also live like locals and it is even possible to make some close friends.

3. Rely on others’ hospitality:

There are multiple hospitality clubs who are willing to host us in their own houses. Some of these clubs can be particularly large with many thousands members in more than a hundred countries. Membership can be free, because you are also required to provide hospitality to other people who come to our area. This can save us money and it is also a good way to meet with locals in the area.
Locals may also provide us with insider’s information and perspective on favourite locations suitable for honeymooners. Hostels are other alternatives for free and low-cost accommodations.

4. Get free honeymoon as a prize:

Many say that nothing is free in live, but it isn’t always true. Some people are able to win free honeymoon vacations in contests and promotional sweepstakes. We could go to different travel agencies and participate in contests that give away honeymoon trips. Although the chances of winning a completely free honeymoon can be remote, we can get lucky sometimes.

5. Choose camping:

Hooting stars and firelight every night. This can be an amazing, low-cost honeymoon experience, especially if we are living in breathtaking natural beauty. We could spend days walking and camping in national parks and other locations. In many cases, such an activity is free and it is even cheaper if we cook our own food. Many state and national parks also offer cabin.
6. With little creativity, it is possible to have an amazing honeymoon at unbelievably low cost.
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