5 Ways To Have That Perfect Ultimate Holiday In Mumbai

It depends on individuals on what they make of their time on their trip to any destination. If you go to a city like Las Vegas and sit in your hotel room whole day, you can safely proclaim Las Vegas to be the most boring stay, and you are not wrong about your perspective and experience. While planning a trip to Mumbai, know where to do and what to do to have that ultimate Mumbai experience and to soak in all that the city has to offer.

Mumbai is a city visited by many all throughout the year, but not all return back with a pleasant experience. There are many things people miss out on their trip and thus they have a lackluster vacation and have nothing to write home about. Mumbai to Delhi flights Indigo help people get the cheapest flight out of the city. Follow the list of things to do on your trip to Mumbai and have the ultimate Mumbai experience,


There is no doubt of the fact that there is no dearth of place to eat and the things to eat in Mumbai. The city probably has one of the most elaborate scenes in the food department. From simple, cheap and zesty street food, to an intricate menu of delicacies from all around the world in its fancy fine dining restaurants, the city has it all. Make sure you try all the classic street dish made in the authentic style, and also the various renditions and the newer type of street food that came into existence recently.


There is no doubt that Mumbai has its fair share of historical sites and monuments. You do not really have to look very far to find these as they are found all around within the city. Apart from the historical sites and the old buildings which now have hotels and educational institutions established under them, Mumbai also has places like the Marine beach and the Juhu beach you can visit. Bandra Bandstand is also another hangout place you can visit while you are in the city.

Weekend Getaways

This is something you should definitely do if you have invested a good amount of time for your trip to Mumbai which may consist of more than a week at least. It is not necessary to visit these places during a weekend, you can keep aside one or two weekdays and go on a short road trip to places like Lonavala which lie very close to the city. The monsoon season is the best time to visit this place.


Without a doubt, shopping is one of the primary attractions of the city of Mumbai. Shopping in Mumbai may include both the shopping malls and the street markets. Both of them are equally popular and significant and the other cannot be dismissed in the comparison of the other. The malls sell some of the best designer clothing and some of the biggest brands known worldwide. The street markets sell the colorful and trendy clothing items and accessories sold at a cheap reasonable rate. Don’t forget to bargain your way into every buy in the street markets!


Contrary to the normal belief, Mumbai is not just a city of towering skyscrapers, huge slum areas, busy traffic and clamouring city life. Yes, it is all that, you are dire wrong if you think the city has no surprises to offer in terms of outdoor recreational activities. If you did not know, you can go kayaking, rappelling and rock climbing in Mumbai! You can visit the caves where you will be surrounded by pristine lush greens and a serene ambience. Surprised yet?

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