Ensure Your Business Travel Management Is Stress-Free With These Handy Tips

While business travel can be rewarding and exciting, it can also be exhausting and stressful. With advanced planning, searching out the best technology and by listening to advice from experts, you can be a step ahead of your fellow travellers and arrive ready for business feeling fresh and firing on all cylinders.

Ensure Your Business Travel Management Is Stress-Free With These Handy Tips

Have a Checklist

Make some notes, including flight reference numbers, clothes and toiletries you require, addresses of hotels and meeting points and all the work documents you need. Once you have these listed, you can relax in the knowledge that nothing will be forgotten.

Handy Luggage Size

Each airline specifies its own restrictions on hold luggage weight and dimensions, so ensure you have a bag that fits in the overhead luggage compartment before you travel. It is best to invest in a lightweight, sturdy bag that does not exceed the maximum size permitted by airlines. This way you can relax knowing you won’t suddenly have to check in your hand luggage as it’s too big.


Being prepared with a small transparent bag for your 100ml or less toiletry products will allow quick and easy packing. Keep a bag ready with your desired products, and you can grab it and go each time you travel.

Charge Up Devices

Ensure all batteries and devices are charged before you depart. Take an all-purpose USB charger with you just in case. If your laptop has removable batteries, take a fully charged spare to allow you to keep working. Many airports have sockets in waiting areas, so charge your devices while you wait to board.


When travelling for business, you are bound to gather several receipts. There is a handy little app called Expensify that allows you to scan them, keeping a record as you go. It also allows you to keep on track with your billable hours, and with the simple touch of a button it can create an expense report for you.

Loyalty Schemes

By consolidating your loyalty points into only one or two schemes, you can focus on gaining substantial rewards. Not only can you accrue business rewards, but if you’re really clever you can gain personal rewards too. By selecting specific credit cards, you can also boost your loyalty rewards.


Keep company Twitter accounts and customer service direct lines on your phone. If you are unhappy with the way you are being treated or things are being handled, you’ll have quick access to a means of communicating with the people who are able to take quick action.

With a little prior planning and thought, your business travel management plans will become easy and stress-free, allowing you to travel and arrive at your destination relaxed and in a clear state of mind – perfect for doing business.

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