8 Great Girl's Birthday Party Ideas

Every little girl dreams of her party being fit for a princess, though some of these birthday girls are becoming more and more discerning, opting for less stereotypically girly birthday bashes and choosing all sorts of creatively wonderful ways to celebrate their birthday.

We’ve put together a list of 8 super-duper party ideas; whether you’re on a small budget or you have that little bit extra to spend, there will be something for everyone in this little line up!


‘Ooo arrr matey!’ Pirate bunting, skull and crossbones cupcakes and ‘pin the parrot on the pirate’ are the makings of a pretty awesome birthday party! To add a spot of DIY creativity, you could put on an eye mask workshop!

No black eye masks required here, oh no! Get creating with scraps of pretty fabrics and lengths of elastic to create a unique keepsake that’s oh-so fun to make. For an exciting game, hide a chest of treasure somewhere in your house or garden with a list of simple clues.

8 Great Girl's Birthday Party Ideas


‘Let it go, let it go….’ Yes, this Disney film has taken the world by storm! A firm favourite amongst young girls, you’ll not go far wrong with a Frozen themed birthday party! Think marshmallow ‘snowballs’, blue and white decorations (including glitter!), ice lollies, ‘snowy mountain’ meringues and if you want to go all out, a striking castle cake will initiate ‘Ooohs and ahhhs’ all round!

For an easy, low cost game, why not get your little girl to draw Olaf on an A1 piece of paper and play ‘Pin the carrot nose on Olaf!’ Great fun!

Classic Princess

3 tier princess cake (if you’re on a budget you can make your own – they don’t need to be huge tiers, scaling it down and starting off with an 8” tier will work just as well and work out cheaper, too!) Make pretty flowers out of tissue paper and dot them around – the more the merrier!

Pretty floral bunting, sparkles and jewels will set the scene perfectly too! For a simple and easy craft, everyone can make princess crowns from gold card and shiny jewels and sequins.

Cowgirls and Indians!

We love the idea of a ‘headdress workshop’ and what better reason to make an Indian headdress than at an Indian inspired party? Simply collect feathers (or buy bags of them at your local craft shop) and stick them onto lengths of cardboard. Once you’ve done this, attach a length of string at both ends and tie it upon the heads of your guests.

For older children, cowgirls can be entertained out in the garden with a lasso and cardboard-cutouts of cows dotted around (or anything else that is safe to be lassoed!). When the end of the day is nigh, why not set up camp and make your own teepees to settle down in for the night?

Every little person loves the excitement and sense of adventure that a den creates, and a ‘bed sheet den’ draped over your kitchen table or propped up with an old broom handle will certainly do the trick! Listen out for lots of giggles as they whisper and laugh the night away!

Dora the Explorer

Little Dora is of Latin heritage, so it’s a great chance to put on a delicious buffet, full of nachos, churros, tacos, and pineapple juice – delicious! Print English words and the Spanish translation onto card and dot them around for an interactive, educational game just like that in the actual programme.

Why not set up an adventure in your garden where the task is to find Dora so that they can join the party? If your budget stretches, safari hats would make a great addition!


If your birthday girl is often found in the garden concocting potions and lotions, a party laden with science experiments, wand making (dip the ends of sticks in glue and glitter for a sparkly effect or simply dip in paint), magic tricks and Harry potter films will definitely be an exciting prospect!

For the centre piece, why not make a 6 layer cake with each layer a different colour? The gasps and wide eyes that you’ll witness upon cutting the cake will definitely be worth your time and effort in the kitchen!


Bring the seaside into your home and recreate a mermaids fairytale! This is great if you live near the beach and you can collect shells and other beach-finds! If your child has a summer birthday there’s no better reason to get the paddling pool out and really get into mermaid living!

Pretty bracelets and hair clips adorned with seashells would be great additions to their party bags. Cut out waves from card or paper to wrap around cupcakes or the big birthday cake and let your imagination run wild with cake toppers (rocks, shells, mermaids, fish, boats, treasure chests… the list is endless).

Bakers Workshop

Set up a baking workshop in your kitchen for a delicious party filled with cupcakes, cookies and cake pops! Depending on your budget, you could supply the party guests with customised aprons or you could make your own from old (clean and washed of course) bed linen.

Alternatively, if you’ve got a crafty lot on your hands, why not get them customising their own aprons (simply cut the pattern and stick the parts together, ready for potato printing, painting or tie-dying!

These 8 party ideas are brilliant and easy to achieve with a bit of time, imagination and creativity! Spend as much or as little as you wish and you’ll still achieve fantastic results and create lovely memories all round! Easy to tailor to the age of your child and her guests, you won’t go far wrong with a little effort and bit of creative flair!

James Sinclair is the Managing Director at The Partyman Company based in Basildon and specialises in children’s entertainment and event planning in the UK.

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