How To Develop Art-Focused Website?

When people are visiting art-focused websites, they are expecting to get well designed websites. We know that first impression essential when we plan to meet someone. Unfortunately, it can be hard to change the first impression when it is already created. This is even more so in the art world, where people are more likely to form an opinion on what they see. In this case, an artist’s website should be considered as essential branding marketing tools that they can posses. Artist’s website isn’t only intended to sell art to potential customers, but also to enhance our presence in the art society. In this case, we should make sure that our art-focused website won’t cause us to lose sales. Art websites with poor designs will make them harder to navigate and they may not function properly for specific tasks. In general, artist’s website should be effortless to navigate, easy to read and clean. Many artists think that they should load their websites with plenty of pictures of their artworks, but this could cause the website feels heavy and slow to load.

How To Develop Art-Focused Website

There’s nothing worse than waiting for one minute to wait the Flash animation to load and some people could think that the website non operational due to specific malfunctions. Everyone will quickly close the browser tab and look for other similar website, except maybe our few close friends and family members. Google also grades websites based on their loading time and put those with swift performance higher on the search ranking. It is a waste of time to create so many animations and images only to have our website placed lower in the search ranking. People are no longer impressed in fancy animations, so we should make sure to remove them whenever possible. Also, serious evaluators, sellers and buyers may not agree with our choice in “music” and they will be more likely to ignore them. The purpose of our website is to present and sell our artworks, so they should become a priority, instead of those non-functional animations. Creating art-focused websites should be easy and we don’t really need to employ expensive web developers.

Even the highly popular WordPress can allow us showcase interesting artworks with sophisticated design that performs quickly on many web browsers. The platform has thousands of different templates and themes that could match our preferences. Obviously, we couldn’t just use one template, because thousands others may already use it. However, it should be very easy to customize the template based on our preferences. Regardless of what we do, the website can be incredibly slick and quick. Although WordPress is generally considered as a blogging platform, there are templates that include gallery structure. It means that each new post won’t be represented as a blog post, but it will be included in the gallery directly. This will suit most of an artist’s requirement. WordPress is also a free platform that makes is easy to develop and manage our website.

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