9 Strong Reasons Why Women Are Better Than Men!

9 Strong Reasons Why Women Are Better Than Men!

Ever since this universe came into being, there has been a constant competition between the two genders: men and women. For decades, men have been considered a superior gender partly because they are the breadwinners in a family, while women have been labeled as weak and fragile.

Though women have been underestimated in the past but that’s not the case anymore as women now are an equal contender in every area of life.

Considering that women are getting more active in political, social and technological industries, it is about time that we should acknowledge the strength of female gender.

9 Strong Reasons Why Women Are Better Than Men!

Here are several other reasons that make women a better gender than men:

  1. They are More Self-Disciplined

Women tend to be more in control of their life. They are able to prioritize things and follow a discipline in every aspect of their life. Unlike men, they are more organized and structured. They do not get carried away by the temptations of life and keep things in order.

  1. They Are the Toppers in the Studies

Unlike men, women focus more on their studies than other things in life. They are not distracted by other indulgences of life and put their heart and soul in their studies. No wonder you see so many women getting higher ranks than the men at every level of education, whether it is in the school or university.

  1. They Have a Higher Emotional Intelligence

Women tend to have a better sense of the human emotions. They are able to understand their emotional state as well as empathize with the others. They are able to draw insights into a situation based on their emotional intelligence. This is why they are able to manage the relationship and retain long-term partners or friends.

  1. They are Sensitive

Genghis Khan, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and Pol Pot, think of the wars and despotic leaders and these names come to your mind. On the other hand, women are a loving breed of humans who feel the pain of others.

Mother Teresa, Lady Diana, and Florence Nightingale are some of the examples of women who provided solace to the ailing souls.

  1. They Are Beautiful

Women are what make this world worth living. They are one of the most beautiful creations of God. Unlike men, they have shades of beauty in every facet of their life, whether it is their way of raising their kids or wooing the heart of their partner. There is a charm in every role, whether as a mother or wife.

  1. They Are Resilient

While women can cry for no reason, they are not easily affected by difficulties and adversaries. Unlike men, they do not panic in when the circumstances are not in their favor. In fact, they stay composed and stay patient until the bad time goes by.

  1. They Make Up a Better Partner in a Relationship

Compared to the men, women are much loyal and servile in a relationship. They sacrifice everything to keep their partner happy. Contrary to the men, they are never unfaithful to their partner and they can go to any extent to support their significant other.

  1. They Give Birth to Human Beings

Motherhood is a blessing of God that only a woman can experience. Kids are a beautiful gift of God that he bestows to a family through the womb of a woman. No matter how powerful a man is, he cannot give this gift to his better half.

  1. They Are Better Parents

Women tend to be better at bringing up their kids than men. Being a mother, they provide the love and affection to their kids in a true sense. There is also an innate connection of love between a mother and her kids and this bond keeps getting stronger with every stage.

Women have been considered weaklings in the past. But now is the time to give them the due position in the society by providing them an equal role in the world.

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