Fitness Tips For Pregnant Women

Fitness Tips For Pregnant Women

It doesn’t get any better than knowing that the next nine months you will be playing host to a little growing life. However, pregnancy can be a time of uncertainty for most women with weight gain often being one of the leading causes of concern.

As superficial as it may be for most women who don’t want to lose their shapely bodies; excessive weight gain during pregnancy not only poses a health risk to you but also to your growing baby. If weight gain is one of the concerns you have about pregnancy rest assured that you are justified and should keep fitness as a priority throughout.

Fitness Tips For Pregnant Women

Here are some fitness tips for pregnant women that should help you maintain a healthy weight during your pregnancy.

1. Eat For Two Healthily

While expectant mothers are often reminded that they are not necessarily eating for two; in a sense, you are eating for two but should do it healthily.

What you eat feeds the fetus, and if you are not getting enough nutrients, it means that your baby is also deprived of these nutrients. It is vital to work with your physician and a nutritionist to assess your pre-pregnancy diet to include or exclude what doesn’t work.

Pregnancy cravings are a common occurrence, and you shouldn’t ignore them because cravings often indicate something is lacking. Choose to healthily feed your needs and discuss with your physician if some cravings could have underlying health implications. For instance, pregnant women who crave stones often have low iron levels within their body.

2. Drink Up – Water

There isn’t a better time to ‘get your drink on‘ than when you are pregnant. Water plays a significant role in maintaining various body functions, and it is equally important to the developing fetus.

Water is also a good go-to solution to wade off pregnancy symptoms like nausea. Drinking enough water will also help to keep the hunger pangs at bay.

Two liters daily is the recommended amount of water that you should drink, and if you are working out, you should increase your intake.

3. Eat Fat and Protein

“Protein is the building block of muscle, ” and your growing baby will need enough protein to develop.

Protein helps to keep you fuller for longer and help you avoid snacking on unhealthy foods. Mono and saturated fats are equally important in the body.

Go for healthy protein sources like lean meats, dairy products, and eggs. When it comes to fats, healthy sources include coconut oil, avocado oil, olive oil and quality butter. They offer the body fat-soluble vitamin E, D, K, and A.

Fitness Tips For Pregnant Women

4. Sleep Well

Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the challenges most women face as their pregnancy progresses. However, sleep is critical to help the body recover.

Sleep earlier and try to make changes within your home to make it sleep-conducive. Get a pregnancy pillow to help support the weight of your growing belly and to give you a good night rest.

If you have persistent sleep issues, make sure to consult with your doctor about it.

5. Workout Lightly

Exercise is equally a crucial element when it comes to staying fit during pregnancy.

However, you will want to keep workouts low-impact and light to avoid unnecessary strains cause to your baby as well as you. This does not mean that you shouldn’t enjoy your workouts; you can pick up fun and exciting exercises to keep you engaged throughout your pregnancy.

Walking is the recommended exercise for pregnant women, but you can also go for swimming, perform yoga or do some low-impact aerobics as workout choices. Wear a pregnancy belt to ensure the safety of your baby inside you. It can decrease discomfort and relieve pain as well.

To sum it up, staying fit during pregnancy is a straightforward process that any woman can achieve. Remember to consult with your doctor before taking up any fitness activity.

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