A Brief History Of Video Gaming

Mainstream video gaming is believed to begin in 1975, when Atari released its mass produced console. It is a simple device with only two knobs that allows objects or characters on the screen to move left and right. The game involves a rectangle that allows players to hit the small ball. In this case, players will define proper angle. The goal is prevent the other player from hitting the ball. The game is simply known as “Pong”.

A couple of years later, the company released another console known as the Atari 2500 and it allows developers to create more sophisticated games, such as Frogger, Moon Patrol, Asteroids, Space Invaders and Galaxian. Early version of Donkey Kong appeared around this year, that’s shown as small character that jumps over barrels. An early form football game was also introduced with the Atari 2600. In early 1980’s, the gaming industry hit a low point and interest sparked significantly when Nintendo released its iconic console, NES or Nintendo Entertainment System. Its most popular game was obviously Super Mario Bros. The console also offers hundreds of other games, including Duck Hunt that requires a light gun.

As PC became more powerful, more people are turning to desktop computers to play latest games. Doom and Wolfenstein 3D are considered as the beginning of real first person shooter. Real time strategy games were also a hit in this era with the appearance of Warcraft, Dune and Command & Conquer: Red Alert. There are also multiple simulation games, especially from the iconic “Sim” series, such as SimTower, SimAnt, SimCity and SimEarth. The original Civilization game also simulated how ancient simulations emerged, thrived and crumbled. In 1996, Id Software introduced online first person shooter with Quake. Eventually, the Internet becomes the de factor requirement for online multiplaying.

The console world catches up in 1990’s with Sony Playstation or PSX. It was a huge improvement over the previous console generation, such as Super Nintendo and Sega. It offers full 3D capability and richer gaming experience. Many popular series, such as Final Fantasy and Resident Evil gained widespread recognition through the console. The actual gaming experience is enhanced and it is available for many home users. Sports games, such as Dance Dance Revolution, combines physical exercises with video gaming. It requires body movement to register hits on the screen through a special pad on the floor.

At the moment, Sony and Microsoft still lead the console gaming industry, with Playstation and Xbox series. Latest versions of their consoles are becoming more powerful, allowing more immersive and realistic gameplay. PC gaming also becomes more interesting with the availability of more powerful processors and graphics cards. Popular titles such as Call of Duty and Far Cry continue to have a strong presence in PC gaming, as well as console gaming. However, PC gaming is known for its more detailed gameplay. The gaming industry will always hit low and high point, which indicates an important part in the entertainment world.

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