A Few Ideas For Choosing Customised Coffins With Designs For Your Loved Ones

A Few Ideas For Choosing Customised Coffins With Designs For Your Loved Ones

Today’s funerals give you the chance to create a truly memorable, special and personalised send-off that reflects your loved one’s interests, passions and personality.

A Few Ideas For Choosing Customised Coffins With Designs For Your Loved Ones

Customising coffins with unique designs

Personalised coffins are a key way to create a meaningful focus, and a really beautiful centrepiece for the service. This type of coffin is now so popular that it featured on a recent Coronation Street plotline! You can customise coffins with designs of all kinds, and many of the images used are truly beautiful and inspiring. If you are trying to find ideas, some of these might get you started.

Flowers and floral meadows

Whether your loved one adored a particular rose, fields of poppies or daisies, country blooms or exotic flowers, you will find plenty of beautiful images to inspire and calm.

Favourite landscapes

If your loved one loved Cornwall, the Amalfi Coast, Florida or somewhere else, you can elect to have an image of their favourite spot printed on the coffin, for something truly personal and a great link to speeches and memorials at the service.


Many people like to have images that reflect the passions and interests of their loved one – from football to music, and with plenty of other choices in between. Tell the designer about the interests of the deceased and they will be able to find what you are looking for. If your loved one supported a certain sports club, the funeral director will seek permission to use the logo of the club. Most sports organisations are very understanding and supportive of such requests.

Abstract images

If you simply want something beautiful as a centrepiece for the service, then you can also customise coffins with designs that are abstract – from balloons floating in the sky, through to colourful patterns, bubbles, seascapes and plenty more. A lot of people also love stars and galaxies, oceans and sweeping landscapes. You will be sure to find something that you love and which feels like the right fit for your loved one’s send-off.

Getting help

Everyone knows how difficult it can be trying to organise a funeral for a loved one. Professional funeral directors are sensitive, helpful and friendly – giving you the help and support you need, when you need it most. If you are struggling to find the right image for your chosen coffin, why not speak to the team for suggestions and ideas. If you talk about your loved one and their interest, you will be provided with some great options, so that you don’t have to think about it yourself.

You might want a floral or natural scene, a bespoke design, or even a photo. You can choose from a wooden, black or white coffin, with wicker and cardboard options available for an eco friendly choice. Modern coffins are very often produced in these ‘green’ materials and are accepted at all crematoriums, cemeteries and woodland burial sites. Whatever you choose, you can guarantee that it will be a fitting tribute and very well received by all at the funeral.

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