A Look At Some Of The Innovative Features Of AdWords

Incase you’ve not been keeping yourself in the loop in recent months, there’s a number of fantastic features which have rolled out across Google AdWords and we thought we would take a quick look at just a few of these! In short, we are going to take a brief look at image extensions, call extensions and the mobile bid adjustment options of enhanced campaigns in an attempt to outline just some of the ways AdWords offers some great innovative features which roll out on an almost continual basis!
First things first, image extensions! Whilst these are officially still in beta testing and not widely available across all accounts, they’re certainly worth applying for and can significantly increase the CTR on your ads. In short, image extensions add 3 large images above your ads and really add that visual appeal and drive clicks! In terms of ads which stand out and entice clicks, you can’t get much stronger than this and in terms of effectiveness, they certainly won’t disappoint! Hopefully they’ll be rolled out to all accounts soon, however in the meantime, you can apply for extensions through the available application form!
Secondly is call extensions. With Google recently disallowing all ads which use a phone number in the ad copy or headline, the way to display phone numbers on an ad is now with call extensions. Whilst these can show on desktop devices, it’s on mobiles where they really shine and essentially display a click to call button. No need for a searcher to manually enter your number, they can simply click on the call button and be diverted to you! You can track call conversions in AdWords as well which is an even greater feature, setting your own trigger time for what you would regard as a call worth tracking!
Lastly, something which is almost a vital feature in the mobile age is the mobile bid adjustments on enhanced campaigns. Want to bid higher on a mobile device as your products lend themselves to it? Great, ad a positive bid adjustment to the campaign for mobile devices! Don’t have a mobile site or don’t want to appear on mobile devices? No problem, simply add a negative bid adjustment! This feature adds a fantastic level of mobile adjustment targeting, ensuring that your ads appear when and where you want them to, across all devices!
At the end of the day, there’s some great AdWords features which have rolled out in recent months and if you’re not currently using them, you need to ask yourself why not!
We brought you this guest post courtesy of Glenn Jacobs at Speedy SEO in Chelmsford, Essex. To see more by Glenn and what he has to offer, visit their website.

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