A Quick Guide About Trekking In Bhutan

A Quick Guide About Trekking In Bhutan

Bhutan is a place filled with immense natural beauty, uncrowded and clean natural treks and amazing sense of being alive away from all the worries and tensions of the mortal world. Hey! Relax I’m no preacher, who is about to enlighten you about the different aspects of life. For that purpose, there is already enough said in the religious texts and stuff. I’m just a normal guy who likes to live his life to the fullest.

Rather, I would like you to take you on a lovely ride to the adventurous and unforgettable journey of your life. Situated deep in the valleys of the Hindu-Kush Mountains, The kingdom of Bhutan is the heaven on earth, situated remotely away from the rush hour life of the civilized world.

If you do intend to find out what you are made up of then, just pack your bags and go on a trekking expedition in the Himalayas. All you need is your passport some cash and don’t forget your warm clothes. Anyways, I recently came across a post on Medium, it was extremely useful in making my journey memorable and easy. The old granny tips were a lifesaver in the mountains.

So, instead of repeating these tips or narrating my experiences in Bhutan, I will tell you about the various treks you can do when in Bhutan along with the most suitable time for your journey to enhance your experience.

Gangtey Trek

A Quick Guide About Trekking In BhutanThis is one of the easiest treks. Starting Point: Phobjikha valley some 3000m above the sea level. The entire trek runs amidst the glaciers and enticing valleys of Bhutan. This valley is also the home for Black-necked Cranes (an endangered species migrated from Asiatic Plateau).

To enjoy the trip, you need at least 7-8 days. In which you trek for 3 days and rest days you can enjoy the beautiful valley. Ideal time to visit: April-May

Sagala Trek

A Quick Guide About Trekking In BhutanIt is a very short trek. This trek is located between Haa and Paro valley. This trek is also known for the 360-degree view of Mt Kanchenjunga Mt. ChomolhariĀ  Mt. Gangkar Puensum, Mt. Tserim Kang, and Mt. Jichu Drake. If you need to have a feel for adventure and life this trek is ideal and can be completed in the shortest span of time.

The ideal time to visit: October to November or clear days in March to May.

Druk Path Trek

A Quick Guide About Trekking In BhutanIt is a bit demanding trek, ideal for real trekking enthusiast. This is a 5-day trek from Paro to Thimphu. In this trek, you will witness amazing monasteries and Dzongs of Bhutan along with a lovely trek, lots of beautiful lakes and vegetation. The ideal time to visit: September to November or between March and May.

There are many more similar treks to be seen and experience all over Bhutan. For more details about such treks, visit: www.kingdombhutan.com

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