The New Privacy Guard To Save Your Phone From Unwanted Attention and Cyber Threats

Phones have become mini computers nowadays and thus with the increasing dependence on them, it has become imperative that they are secured, protected and organised properly. They have almost taken over computers and people are handling business deals and making presentations while walking and eating. With this level of importance being placed on them, it is important to make sure that they remain personal and are not available for third party displays. In order to do so, there is an urgent and crucial need for securing phones and this can be done with the help of LEO Privacy Guard 3.0. An excellent phone management application, this tool works wonders in android phones providing them the best possible security and management solution.

The New Privacy Guard To Save Your Phone From Unwanted Attention and Cyber Threats

The vast application uses

Our phones contain a lot of information and that ranges from business to personal and both are absolutely confidential. Even the curious eyes of family and friends are not appreciated. Therefore it becomes all the more essential to guard the phone against all these intrusions. Now there are several application tools, files, images, videos, textual documents in outré phones that we would like to keep confidential and simple do not want other people fidgeting with our phones and then coming g across personal information. You need security and this is exactly what the LEO Privacy Guard provides you with.

There are several features and additional benefits that this tool offers android users with. First and foremost, you can lock up everything in your phone and keep it secured from ever prying hands. This means that you can lock up all your social media platforms that that displays your private details. There are two ways in which you can do it and it includes the pattern lock system or the code lock system, ensuring that no one apart from you will be granted access to your private details. It can be locked with consideration to time and location as well.

The anti-theft benefit

Not only this, but with the LEO Privacy Guard 3.0 there several other unique protective features that you can avail. For instance, you can scan the protection level of your phone and your Wi-Fi network provider to find out any privacy leaks or loopholes. One of the plus points being that in case you have lost your phone that you can even remotely lock up all the applications so that none of them can be viewed or used by the third party and along with this you can locate your phone on the map and know exactly where it is.

Thus this amazing phone management tool offers you with everything and much more that you requite to secure and manage your phone and also the applications in them.

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