A Short Overview Of Walkera Goggle 4

A Short Overview Of Walkera Goggle 4

Recently, the Walkera Goggle 4 has been launched which is definitely the talk of the town. To watch the FPV videos, Walkera has introduced their Generation 4 goggle. Before reviewing, it must be admitted that this version looks amazing than its previous ones and therefore, it can be expected that the goggle will perform the best. And if it is so, then you have to pay good price to get it. Now, it is to see that if the product is worthy enough to pay such a big amount.

A Short Overview Of Walkera Goggle 4

Features of Walkera Goggle 4

Before buying this material, you definitely want to know the product very well. Know the features of the product well before investing in it.

There are two versions of FPV Goggle 4 has been launched by Walkera-

  • The Basic version
  • The Premium version

The main difference between the premium and the basic version is that the former edition contains the DVR function and the HDMI Input. Having the HDMI connectivity is the main feature of FPV quadcopters, like DJI PHANTOM 3 and 4. Initially, there was aerial quadcopters, but that has been transformed into racing quadcopters. The FPV goggles will provide you detail FPV experience.

Essentials of Walkera Goggle 4

The goggle is made up of FPV glasses that is available in elegant cardboard box. It gives you a feeling that you are handling a high-quality product. What will you obtain inside the box?

  • The Walkera Goggle 4
  • Battery
  • AC/DC Adapter
  • Two 5.8G antennas
  • Micro USB cable
  • User Manual

The USB cable establishes a connection between the power source and the head play. The design of the device is great and the overall built is quite robust. You can adjust the straps and therefore, it can be adjusted according to any head size. On each sides of the device, there are vent holes in order to dissipate heat. But, those can’t prevent fogging. Hopefully, Walkera will check this issue and add a fan in their next version.

There are two SMA connectors at the top of the goggles among which the left one is for connecting the rubber ducky antenna while the other one is for the LHCP antenna.

You will also find a RCA plug for AV input at the bottom of the device so that you can connect any other video sources, like TV, media player or camera. This device is no-doubt very stylish as there is a stylish joystick to control the device’s settings, instead of lots of buttons. If you pull the stick a bit backward, the configuration menu gets activated. By moving the stick, you can control the device eventually.

So, here is a review of this FPV videos goggles. If you are satisfied with it, you can make the purchase. The ergonomic design has made the device quite comfortable to use.

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