A Step By Step Guide To Use Automotive Touch Up Paint At Home

It is fairly common for our vehicles to get damaged on their surface by environmental factors, accidents and regular usage. Whether it is a small scratch or a more spread out erosion of paint after impact, it damages the look of the automobile and necessitates concealing of the damaged area. Sending the vehicle for professional repair is generally very costly and it takes a few days. However, automotive touch up paint can be used at home easily without a hassle and by doing this, we can save a lot of money.

Here is a step-wise guide to use the touch-up paint for automobiles at home.

Determining the exact color : Before buying a touch-up paint, one must determine the exact shade. This is very important because if the color shade does not match perfectly with the vehicle, the mended spot will have a distinct patchy look. The best way to know the exact color is by looking at the area called bulkhead, which is the metallic part inside the hood of the engine separating the engine from the inside of the car.

Choosing the paint : Once the color is known, the next step is to buy the paint in the same colour. The paint can be available in spray form, paint form or pen form, and the choice will depend on the area to be repaired. The description of the paint on its cover will mention whether there is a need for a primer to be purchased with it too. If that is the case, then the primer and paint will have to be bought and used together, otherwise only the paint will suffice.

A Step By Step Guide To Use Automotive Touch Up Paint At Home

Getting rid of the rust : The next step is to clean the affected area thoroughly to remove any residual rust. Rust arrestors should be used after cleaning in order to prevent the rust from spreading below the touch up paint.

Rubbing sand paper : The affected area should then be rubbed gently with coarse grade sandpaper to remove any chipped and loose paint. The area should then be completely dried. This step is essential to make the paint stick better.

Painting the affected area : If the paint that you purchased came with a primer, then a coat of primer should be applied before the paint. Otherwise, the paint can be directly applied. It is a common practice to apply one layer of paint and letting it dry before putting the second layer. You may use up to three layers to achieve the desired shade intensity. Let it dry for a day.

Finishing the painted surface : The last step is to clean the area thoroughly and to use a very fine grade of sandpaper to blend in the applied paint to the surface. Finally, the whole vehicle should be polished to give it a wholesome shine.

Using automotive touch up paint is not a difficult process and the results obtained at home are as good as the ones obtained professionally. However, it is essential to follow the complete process step by step.

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