Advantages of pursuing Big Data Course in Malaysia

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Given the immense value that can be driven from Big Data analytics, major companies are more than interested in adopting big data driven strategies and according to IDC, in 2019 the revenue generated through big data will amount to a whopping $189.1Billion.

Consequently, the field of Big Data has emerged as one of the chief employers offering lucrative opportunities to talented and skilled individuals. Thus, many young and vibrant graduates are going for Big data certification to usher in a future full of possibilities!

However, you may wonder about the perfect place to kickstart your big data career so that you are able to earn big data skills quickly and find good employment easily. And here are the top reasons why Malaysia is that perfect place—

  • Booming Digital economy

Malaysia had a plan to develop its digital economy way back in 1996 when the country had established the Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) which has been instrumental in driving digital transformation in the country.

Today the digital economy has flourished beyond expectation and is one of the fastest growing of the world. Based on digital transformation the ICT industry alone generated RM 472B in 2018!

According to a World Bank report of 2018, the digital economy will account for 20% of Malaysia’s overall GDP by 2020 and the e-commerce sector alone is expected to cross RM 110 billion by 2020. Interesting the BDA market in Malaysia is projected to grow to RM 595 Million in 2021 according to IDC!

  • Growing demand

The demand of big data professionals is huge in Malaysia given the growing adaptation rate of big data by businesses and owing to a shortage of big data professionals. According to Malaysia’s HRDF, the 15 million strong workforces of

Malaysia lacks adequate training in digital technologies like data science, machine learning and big data analytics.

As of September, 2019, a simple search in Glassdoor lists more than 500 available jobs for big data professionals, while Job street lists 200+ positions offered by leading companies like Western Digital, AmBank and Tesco.

As the spending on Big data by companies in Malaysia continues to increase, the demand is expected to rise even further. Thus, with a Big data certification you can easily exploit the situation!

  • Great potential for growth

Malaysia offers both career security and opportunity for immense growth for skilled big data analysts. The Malaysian govt. hopes to turn Malaysia into a Big data hub and has been promoting big data quiet effectively.

As a result, Big data adaptation has increased Industry wide and applied by executives from a variety of fields. Thus, you will be able to choose your field freely and moreover, even the government is employing skilled big data professionals.

A Big data analyst earns RM4.5K/month at an average in Malaysia and companies like Fusionex and Accenture pay even more!

A Big data analyst is also the key person in any company’s data driven business strategy and thus, you will occupy key positions at leading institutes, never having to look back.

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