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People who are familiar with firearms, can tell you how annoying it is when the pistol jams. It often happens due to bad quality gun parts. That is why it is always advised that you get your gun parts from a reputable store of a good quality vendor, like the Phoenix Gun Parts. The word “Jam” is often used to refer several different firearms malfunctions you may run into on the range, a jam is a broad term. There are number of reasons why a gun malfunctions, it could be because of a mechanical problem or a bad round as well as poor shooting technique. If you ensure that your weapon is cleaned in a routine then such problems can be solved, but cleaning is not the only solution, you might have to know what is the quality of the part that you have integrated. Some gun stores sell bad quality parts as their vendors offer them a higher profit rate, and they lie while saying it has the same quality. The gun accessories online shop near my home is different, they always tell you that this part that you are buying has a low quality and would cause a jam in the near future, and trust me, whenever I don’t buy a part they refer, it actually jams after 2 to 3 months.
Most Common Pistol Failures
Failure to Feed: This happens when the next round has not been properly fed into the chamber, it is known as failure to feed. One of the most common occurrences as to why weapon is experiencing the inability to feed is not having a firm grip on the firearm while firing. Only the slide recycling should happen instead of the whole firearm recoils without a firm grip. You will need to clear the chamber and perhaps drop the magazine but before proceeding, if your weapon fails to feed.
Misfire or Hang Fire
These are two separate and distinct problems; some people confuse these with each other. The only common issue is that after the trigger is pulled, nothing happens. In the event the round following a delay that is known as a hang fire. A misfire is when the weapon doesn’t fire at all. By first eliminating any possibility of a delayed action, remain in your firing stance with the gun pointed down range for a solid minute. Remove the round and examine it once you have allowed enough time to elapse. Look for an indentation on the back of the round to check the primer. It is bad round if the center was struck. To help you dispose of it safely, solicit the range safety officer. The mechanism is likely at fault in the event it was struck off center, or not at all.
Failure to Eject:
When the casing of a round exists the chamber but gets stuck in the ejection port, that is ejection failure. Because the casing often sticks out perpendicular to the slide like a stovepipe hat, this type of jam is often referred to as “stovepipes”. This often results when the shooter uses a weak grip on the firearm while shooting, causing the failure to eject.
Shooting Ranges for Practice
If you are experiencing jamming issues because of your gripping or shooting techniques, consider taking a few basic firearm shooting classes and then what you learned to the range to practice form and accuracy.
Basic Information about Different Gun Parts
Barrel– It is like the business end of any firearm. It is typically made of heavy-duty material to take on the abuse of imparted on the assemble by the forces involved. Barrels also are rifled along their internal wall to impart a rotation onto the exiting projectile- thus providing inherent stability and therefore aiding in accuracy.
Forward Sight: The forward sight is a forward protrusion that normally is used to align the forward section of the weapon with the rear and its rear sighting device. This also aids accuracy, allowing the shooter to manage well-paced shots.
Author’s Bio
James Arthur is a weapon enthusiast, who lives in the United States of America and writes about commonly occurring gun related problems on different forums. He also reviews gun parts being produced by different vendors, and their quality. James is a ruthless critique of new companies producing gun parts of lower quality at a cheaper rate.

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