Allow Your Lawyer To Obtain The Best Possible Settlement For You

Allow Your Lawyer To Obtain The Best Possible Settlement For You

Just because you have hired a lawyer to file your car accident case, doesn’t mean that your duty is over. Car accident legalities include a number of things and your attorney may not be able to do it all alone. You need to coordinate with your attorney and help him in every possible manner, so that he can focus on letting you win the case.

Remember, you are not the only client that your attorney has. He may be dealing with many other clients. The least you can do for motor vehicle accident lawyers Melbourne is provide him with every major to minor details related to the accident. Here are a few important information that you should be providing to your lawyer:

Allow Your Lawyer To Obtain The Best Possible Settlement For You

Your background information

Give him a paper with written information about your background. These are the most important data required to file any kind of case. Mention your full name, date of birth, age, home address, office address, contact number, email id and other relevant details about you in the paper and hand it over to your lawyer.

Description of the incident

You should give your lawyer a written description about the details of the accident. These include date and time, place of accident, type of vehicle, how that accident happened, number of people in your car, contact details of witnesses, license plate number, owner name of the vehicle etc.

Auto insurance

You should also give the photocopy of your auto insurance “declaration page” to your lawyer. Reading this page, your lawyer will be able to read the policy and know the extreme of your compensation etc.  In case you have already reported the claim, then give the claim number to your lawyer. Also, provide him with the name and contact number of the adjuster.

Details of other driver

This may be difficult to collect but you should give as many information as possible about the other driver. Find out his name, address, car number, contact details etc. of the other driver to your lawyer. This information is required to make your case strong.

Your driving licence, insurance card, medical bills

Give your lawyer copy of your insurance card and driving license. Also, give him a list of all the injuries you have suffered. Also, give as many details as possible about your medical provider. Depending on the damage to your car and your body, lawyer will be able to claim the compensation.

Remember that you have hired a lawyer to help you get the compensation. So, help him out in every possible manner. By proving required information to your lawyer in the beginning, you will be saving a lot of your and his time. This will also make the process of claiming the compensation easier. So, take out time to hire the lawyer and more importantly, take out time to coordinate with him. After all, this is going to benefit you in the end. Search a good lawyer today and get your compensation.

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