Auto Accident Claims – Know Which Injuries Can Offer More Settlement Amount and Why

Auto Accident Claims - Know Which Injuries Can Offer More Settlement Amount and Why

When it comes to settle the amount for personal injury caused from car accident, it greatly depends on two factors. The seriousness of the injury as well as proofs that you can give of the pain you suffered from.

Generally, the auto insurance company broadly divides the injuries in two categories. They are soft injuries and hard injuries. Let us take a look at each category in depth.

Auto Accident Claims - Know Which Injuries Can Offer More Settlement Amount and Why

What kind of injuries is covered in the Soft injuries?

Mostly, the car accidents are covered under the label of soft injuries. Such injuries are termed as soft injuries since they include muscles or other soft tissues. It includes sprained ankles or knees, strained neck, whiplash, back spasms, etc.

These kinds of injuries generally don’t offer you more money from the amount of personal injury settlements since they are normally temporary injuries that are not considered serious or life damaging. Another reason can be that when it comes to proving soft injuries, you really can’t prove the seriousness of it easily.

The auto insurance company knows this very well. So, whenever you take your claims to the court, they are assured that you aren’t going to get high personal injury settlement amount since you can’t prove the seriousness of your injury. As a result, when soft injuries are concerned, you are typically going to get comparatively less settlement amount for it.

They are considered to be subjective, so they generally can’t be measured by any kind of medical reports. They can only be shown by describing the amount of pain that you suffer mostly in the verbal form. However, with the professional assistance from, you may also get higher settlement amounts.

What are hard injuries then?

Generally, injuries coming under this category are more serious. They tend to get higher amounts of personal injury settlements since they have serious effects on the long term lifestyle as well as happiness. Hard injuries can also be documented easily and can be easily proved in court. Some of the common types of hard injuries are as follows.

  • Broken Bones

An X-ray can reflect any kind of break or fracture in your bones. This increases your chance of getting high settlement amount. However, the overall amount greatly depends on the severity of the break and its impact on your life.

  • Head Injuries

Head injuries are normally long lasting and the sufferer may experience repetitive headaches, or dizziness. So, the number of serious consequences is typically high when head injuries are concerned.

The insurance companies know the seriousness of it. As a result, they will probably try to settle the amount with you faster since they know that the more they will wait, there would be higher chances of some expensive treatment or major diagnosis.

  • Spinal Injury

This kind of injury includes damaging any spinal discs or vertebrae. Spinal injuries directly impact the ability to walk. It can also restrict your movement. So, a person with these injuries is more likely to get higher amount of settlements as a way to compensate their hard lifestyle.

To conclude, the amount of personal injury settlement depends on the injury type. Soft injuries can give you less compensation as compared to hard ones obviously depending on the severity of your injuries.

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