An Excellent Guide On The Best Sports Of The Singapore

An Excellent Guide On The Best Sports Of The Singapore

Singapore is one of the most famous and wonderful places in the world. Each year numerous tourists visit Singapore for exploring its endless beauty.

The lifestyle of people in Singapore is really vibrant and involves several aspects such as sports, dance, rich tradition, and culture, politics, education, music and much more. People in Singapore are very active for all types of sporting events are it swimming, basketball, table tennis, volleyball, badminton, gymnastics, or squash.

Singapore has rich sports culture due to its multicultural history. People there love sports activities and therefore numerous games and sports are patronized in the country.

An Excellent Guide On The Best Sports Of The Singapore

Top Sports in Singapore

  • Basketball 

It is one of the most famous sports of the country. This sport has gifted numerous accolades to the country, during the competitions outside Singapore. The basketball association of this country started to promote this sport since its inception in year 1925.

  • Bodybuilding 

Just like basketball, this sport has given several awards to Singapore which thereby implies interest of residents in this sport. The bodybuilding team has won awards at NPC Tournament, USA, World Bodybuilding Championships, Asian Women’s Championship, and Commonwealth Bodybuilding Championships.

  • Sailing 

It is one of the most favorite sports of Singapore people. There have been numerous international and national sports where its residents have exhibited their sailing talent. Few of those championships include Ladies International, Commonwealth Games, Men’s International, SEA games, World Silat Championships etc.

  • Football 

When it’s about football, no Singaporean can hold his/her excitement and this is the reason why this country has got so many awards in football championships such as ASEAN Football Championship and Malaysia cup.

  • Cable skiing

It is one of the water cum adventurous sport in Singapore. It is attractive both to the natives and vacationers. There have been numerous international and national sports championships where Singapore has got accolades for this sport.

  •  Swimming 

No one can refuse the love of Singapore residents for water as the list is unending for the awards they have bagged in this sport; Asian Games, Southeast Asia Games, US Swimming Championships are a few to be named.

  • Badminton 

It is also one of the most played outdoor games in Singapore and dedication of its residents can be understood from the accolades that it has got in various championships such as Japan open singles, Commonwealth Games, All India cup to name a few.

  • Netball 

Though it’s a well known and widely played sport in Singapore, but there have not been many achievements that it has got in this sport. Singapore’s netball team had won over Malaysia’s badminton team in year 2005 in the Asian Netball Championship.

  • Weightlifting 

Weightlifting is also considered as one of the vital game in Singapore’s national sports agenda. Asian Games, Summer Olympic Games and Commonwealth Games are few of the championships where Singaporeans have exhibited their talent in middle weight, bantam weight and light weight category.


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