Know The Process Of Real Estate Development

Know The Process Of Real Estate Development

In the contemporary age, real estate industry is one of the booming business sectors creating a huge applause in the market. All over the world, the real estate business is looking feasible for every investor.

Real estate development is not only about designing some finest architectural buildings but a great deal of business aspect is hidden into it. Every real estate developer or a company should have a strong base on business development. At the end of every work, business becomes the most important aspect for any sector. In a nutshell real estate development is all about formation of new or reconstruction of old houses. Just by doing this, a real estate development company shares a great position in the market in terms of capital.

Know The Process Of Real Estate Development

Here we will be highlighting a basic process of real estate development. Sassan Kimivai, the CEO of ALTA Development LLC and ALTA Worldwide LLC will give you all a brief idea about this process of how to shape up the process of real estate development. Before moving on with this article, let us know a bit about the man behind ALT Development Sasan Kimivai. Kimivai has an IT background and has served at top positions at various sectors which include telecommunication, defense, pharmaceuticals etc.   Along with being the CEO of ALT he is now an advisor of the SEAS National advisory council.

What is the process of real estate development? A brief is provided out here.

  • Choosing a good destination to build a project- This is the most significant factor in the process of real estate development. A perfect location helps in better growth of a project. A real estate developer before planning out a project should keep in mind to choose a perfect destination which should be viable for the business. Both domestic and commercial project should first focus on the location.
  • After this the next step which happens to be taken into consideration is agreeing to various terms and conditions of the site. This is another important responsibility that every real estate developer should undergo. A small legal team should be appointed for looking after this particular segment. Before construction this is very important. This is the only step where a real estate developer clears out all the legal issues related to land.
  • Planning with the architecture and the engineer- After all the legal formalities, the real estate agent should plan up the construction structure with the engineers and architectures. This is again a very important task. A proper structure with good architectural design is the need for the success of a project. They are the people who give the final design to the construction and therefore proper consultation with them is the actual need.
  • Finally when the construction gets completed, a real estate developer can promote the project by various ways. In order to give a weight on the promotional activity, a real estate developer should use all the vehicles of communication to reach out to his target group.

There are some more factors which are involved in between these elements. The process of real estate development is huge and involves various layers. Every real estate developer should follow some of the great innovative ways by which Sassan Kimivai plans out his project. Apart from gaining a good idea on how to make a project commercially more viable, you can also learn more about real estate development form Sassan Kimivai.

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