Are You Considering Mini Tummy Tuck?

Are You Considering Mini Tummy Tuck?

The lower abdominal area can be greatly improved by mini tummy tuck. This procedure is meant to get rid of the fat and lipids which tend to be stored in the tummy. The lower abdomen can also have loose skin as a result of overstretched muscles especially during pregnancy. An ideal candidate for a mini tummy tuck is someone who is not in a position to undergo a full tummy tuck as a result of weakened physical shape due to ill health or injury. As compared to the complete tummy tuck, the mini surgery may not get rid of excess skin or fat on the abdomen. However, most patients who wish for this type of procedure normally hope to have a smaller scar or do not want to undergo a prolonged anesthesia.

The mini tummy tuck procedure is less invasive than a complete tummy tuck. It can only remove less fat, reduce sagging skin just a little bit and do very little in aiding someone who is keen on having a flat tummy. Patients are often advised to try exercise, diet and to be on weight loss programs as a way of addressing huge tummies. In fact, tummy tuck should be a last resort, like it was for Vivica Fox.

Are You Considering Mini Tummy Tuck?

A tummy tuck candidate ought to be someone who; has tried all forms of exercise and diet yet they have failed, is almost achieving an ideal body weight, has had a stable weight for six concurrent months, has good skin elasticity and an excellent skin tone, is aware of all the underlying risks involved, expectations as well as benefits of the surgeries.

Mini tummy tucks although sounding like a minor operation, is not for women who still wish to have children in the near future, those who are intent on losing more weight in future, and women with questionable skin tones.

The ideal area for a tummy tuck is just below the navel. This is the most preferred part as it leaves very minimal scars, reduces time taken for recovery, works well for both men and women, and above all, is appropriate for a liposuction as well. The procedure takes very few hours. The post-operative pain can be reduced by painkillers taken over the counter.

For patients who have jobs to attend to, they can resume work within a few days after the surgery. They are advised to take precaution to avoid any involving physical activities until after four weeks. What do celebrities do? Read Linda Evans’ story for some ideas.

During a mini tummy tuck operation, the incision is just in the same place as a complete tummy tuck, though in this case it does not extend to the hip area. When a mini is performed, the belly button is not repositioned as happens in full tummy tuck. While a full tummy allows the tightening of skin from the level of the ribs to the pubic area, a mini can only tighten the lower tummy beginning with the lower button and down the pubis.

A mini is appropriate mostly for the upper part of the tummy that is in a good shape as it cannot be used to tighten the abs from the ribs above to the pubis. This makes it necessary to consult widely before going for the mini surgery. Am sure Sophie Laren did consult before taking the plunge.

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