How Swimming At Missouri City Can Control Blood Pressure

How Swimming At Missouri City Can Control Blood Pressure

It has been researched time and again that a swim in the pool can actually help people with high blood pressure and cholesterol. This is a kind of vascular health bonus which helps people from stroke attacks as well. In the United States, stroke is the leading cause of disability and also the fourth leading cause for death. Hence, a few hours in the pool can actually make you fit from inside!

If you are from Missouri City, you are very likely to get many reputed swimming pools. Enrolling for a course there should be among your top priorities now. During 2010, almost 130000 Americans died sue to stroke as per the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). David H. Stone, MD, also a member of the Society for Vascular Surgery, mentioned, “Swimming is a vascular health bonanza. Low impact swimming provides a total cardiovascular workout and regular exercise strengthens the heart muscle, resulting in less effort and a decrease in blood pressure.”

How Swimming At Missouri City Can Control Blood Pressure

A Boon for Cardiovascular Health

Swimming is not very tough on the joints. It is, therefore, very much effective to build muscles as well. To be precise, it can be a great full body exercise option for those who are not very much fond of hitting the gym! It develops and strengthens the group of muscles and is, hence, a vital reason for the athletes to have a swim on a regular basis. Swimming works awesome for those who are suffering from high blood pressure. The fact remains that swimmers worldwide are generally the healthiest athletes.

To sum it up, swimming actually has a number of benefits and is a kind of exercise which actually does everything to keep a person fit, healthy and glowing for years. However, one must know that there are certain techniques of swimming which should be kept in mind every time before hitting the pool. If it’s followed generously, he/she can attain the best health in no time!

Swear by Swimming for Good Health

The old adults should make it a habit to go for a swim every single day. Also, various studies have proved time and again that swimming is a boon for people with high blood pressure. According to researchers, out of 43 old men and women, those who swim for at least few days a week has a low systolic blood pressure. On an average, these swimmers started with swimming with a systolic blood pressure of around 131 mm Hg. After three months, it was of around 122 mm Hg. Normal blood pressure should be within the range of 120/80 mm Hg and readings of 140/90 or above that are considered to be high blood pressure. Anything between these two are considered as pre-hypertension!

For the older people, swimming is considered to be the best form of exercise. It is really easy for the joints and also it doesn’t cause overheating of the body. After a walk, swimming is actually the second-most popular as well as loved form of exercise among the oldies!

However, the fact remains that too much of research about the health benefits of swimming hasn’t been carried out yet. Although, the ones who have made the researches are of the view that nothing can actually surpass the health benefits of swimming. Along with walking and bicycling, swimming should gain much attention by the people of the older age group so that they can stay fit and get rid of high blood pressure easily.

Hirofumi Tanaka, a senior researcher, have published his study on the American Journal of Cardiology. It is the first research ever to demonstrate the power of swimming and its effectiveness in improving the blood vessel function among the adults. Tanaka said in an email to the Reuters Health, “Swimming is a very attractive form of exercise. It is easily accessible and inexpensive. And because it does not involve bearing of body weight, due to the buoyancy of water, it is friendly to knee and ankle joints.”

Hence, if you have elders at home or if you are suffering from high blood pressure, hitting the pool should be the best thing for you! A few strokes on the pool can actually save you from a stroke. Think about it and fill up that enrolment form of the swimming pool nearby as soon as possible.

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