Movies That Redefine Friendship

Bollywood movies have a knack of tugging at our heart strings with their realistic portrayal of relationships. True, sometimes situations are way too dramatized and certain situations are exaggerated beyond reason, but sometimes in a blue moon, Bollywood finds that delicate balance between the real and reel and that’s where perfection is born.

We all have friends in life, some are 3 am friends while some are just office colleagues we meet every day, but we all have a few friends we treasure more than life. Bollywood too has churned out some movies that have perfectly captured what friendship is all about- the love hate relationship, the nonstop bickering, the fights and the make ups, the 2 am conversations and ofcourse all the secrets you wouldn’t even dream of sharing with anyone else.

Here are a few movies that captured friendship so well, we cannot get enough of it and this is why more of such movies need to be made ASAP:


This is ofcourse a no brainer. No friendship list is complete without the mention of Jai and Veeru who became synonymous to loyalty and undying friendship. This movie will tear up even the ones with stone cold hearts and we all wish to have at least one friend with whom we can face all of lives ups and downs! Be it serving time in prison or becoming paid henchmen for an old dude with no arms. You and your best bud can take on anything together and not to forget your friend’s approval on the girl you want to marry overrides your parent’s decision- period!

Movies That Redefine Friendship

Dil Chahta Hai

Admit it- we’ve all wanted to take a vacation just with our buds be it Goa or Dharamshala and enjoy the adventure of a life time as portrayed by this movie. Farhan Akhtar made his directorial debut with this DCH which won our hearts as it showed the delicate but strong friendship among three friends, each facing his own set of challenges. True there were fights, there were times they didn’t see eye to eye but eventually they had each other’s backs and that’s exactly what true friendship is all about! This movie was an instant hit with youngsters with everyone sporting Aamir’s soul patch look as it created fashion waves across the nation!

Movies That Redefine Friendship

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3 Idiots

Does this movie even need any introduction? We’ve all rolled on the floor laughing at Chatur’s speech, we’ve all cried when Raju tried to commit suicide, we’ve all cheered when Pia runs from her wedding to go find her true love but what is most memorable about this movie is its perfect portrayal of friendship. It delivers a strong message that no amount of time can come in between true friendship and even if you haven’t seen your friend for 10 years, you’ll be willing to get a plane landed under emergency circumstances to get to see him one more time! Ah- good old college days that were well wasted with friends bunking classes!

Movies That Redefine Friendship

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

True this one ended in heart ache for one of the friends who gets super friend zoned but come on Rahul and Anjali have got to be the coolest friends Bollywood gave us. For SRK and Kajol fans, this movie was an absolute delight to see the two in such a unique, never seen before pairing. Their constant fights, basketball matches and endearing moments is what the dream called friendship was made of for the kids in the 90’s. We all wished going to college and finding a friend like Rahul and Anjali for their relationship truly redefined what friendship is all about. (It might just be true- a girl and boy can’t remain friends for too long because one of them eventually falls for the other- so beware for this side effect that comes with cool friendship!)

Movies That Redefine Friendship

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Munna Bhai Series

Munna Bhai is partly endearing due to its heart touching story line but partly lovable due to the amazing chemistry between Munna and Circuit. Munna, a regular goon, and his sidekick Circuit are a riot together with Circuit ready to fulfil anything Munna asks him for. Be it getting him comfortable in college, arranging a “dead body” or help him revive an old man in a near comatose state, these two seem to make the impossible come to life with effortless ease. Their friendship is really enjoyable to watch and always makes the movies such a joy!

Movies That Redefine Friendship

Be sure to catch these amazing flicks on friendship that will cheer you up in no time and then be sure to call your best friend to let him or her know how much they mean to you!

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