Automotives Bigwigs Adorn Automotive Executives Association

The automobile industry leaders and business tycoons join hands to form an association under the name Automotive Executives Association to enhance development and growth of the industry. The association also helps its members to have access to other facilities necessary for the advancement of the business. For example, business networking, providing new resources and many more.
Automotive Executives AssociationThe board members of AEA, the short form of Automotive Executives Association houses some of the glowing names of the industry veterans. The executives are from the leading companies like, CARFAX, Volkswagen, Kelly Blue Book etc. The unique feature of this group is that it consists of members from all types of industries enabling the members to interact with each other and consequently develop ways to grow their business. It is perhaps one of its kinds where members from different companies come together: travel and tourism, finance, advertising, insurance and banking, media and marketing, technology, books and publisher, auction, dealer, analytics and data, manufacturer and affinity.
The association has plans to hold conferences and summit for the automotive executives to connect relate and discuss different issues. They want to implement the innovative idea in such a way, as it has never been done before. The pioneering move will focus on business networking and member interactions. Steve Moretti, Automotive Executives Association Director and Founder said that it would organize conferences that will aim at the dealers, finance companies and manufacturers to connect to each other and relate to various issues that are exclusive to their sphere. The harmony among the companies built in this way will give them exclusive ideas to expand the scope of their business.
Some of the sparkling names are David Bennett, National Manager at Automotive Programs at AAA, Scott Weitzman, and General Manager to Used Vehicle Operations at Volkswagen of America, Mike Romano, and Regional President at Shift Digital. Bernie Brenner, Executive Vice President at True Car, further diversifies the members list, Gary May, President at Interactive Marketing and Consulting Services, Gregory McGivney, Vice President of Strategy and Business Development at and many others.
The association needs the members to fulfill certain pre-requisite to be selected as the board member. They either have to be the executive or the senior executive of their respective company to be eligible as the member of AEA. The members of AEA are decision makers, influencer and dealmakers of their individual companies in all stages of the automotive life cycles. The high designated officials will enjoy number of benefits. The senior executives can connect to the fellow members; they will have access to member directory, a database with filters by company type head quarter location etc; the annual event calendar will focus on the automobile industry etc.
This year AEA will organize its first Networking Event in Las Vegas on October 15, 2013, simultaneously when a number of other automotive industries conferences will be held. This will ensure a positive interaction among the fellow contemporaries of the industry. They can get up to date info related to resources etc.

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