Will Obama’s New College ScoreCard Raise Affordability For The Middle Class

President of United States of America, Barrack Obama plans to implement a new set of rules for the educational institutions like, university and college. He has proposals to economize the education system to enhance affordability to the middle class of the society.
To begin with, he paid a visit to Buffalo to discuss his about his vision. The President did not reveal details of his plan but indicated that federal donation for colleges and universities may largely depend on whether the academic institutions are taking up steps to keep down the fees structure under check. Obama’s bus trip starts just two and a half weeks before the Congress comes back from its summer recess. During his trip, he repeatedly emphasized on the government’s role in the field of education. As he moves through the posh locales of New York and northeastern Pennsylvania, he suggests that the educational institutions and the academicians should discuss long term and short term agenda regarding the modification of the fee structure. He emphasizes on the requirement of shaking up the age-old methodology prevalent in the current education system.
Obama’s New College Score CardSome Republicans are not very hopeful and supportive towards Obama’s new plans. The conservative Republicans clearly mentions that they will back a investment venture of the government only if it de-funds the health care plan proposed by the current government. They are willing to set up the prospect of a shut down. However, they believe that a shut down does not yield positive result for the economic development. Therefore, the republicans do not adhere to it strictly. However, the present socio economic status of the country needs a different approach. Therefore, the Obama government needs to devise new plans to cut the spending rate in their upcoming budget deals. A representative for the house, Brendan Buck says that the struggling economy needs the education reformation as its remedy. Therefore, the nation is looking forward to see the president’s solution.
Barrack Obama focused on different issues like jobs, housing, infrastructure, and manufacturing, while his visits in Tennessee, Arizona, Missouri and Illinois. However, the topic of education always remained the priority of the agenda.
The tour that he will began on Thursday morning at the University of Buffalo will continue on Friday at Binghamton University, a part of the State University of New York and end on Lackawanna College in Scranton. In between, the destination is expected to stop at a diner, an ice cream parlor and other eating junctions.
The President’s college tours can be seen as a continuation of his State of Union address on February 12. In that event, too he made a similar indication at the increasing number of young who discontinued their higher studies for an increase in education expenditure. Thereby increasing the debt. Recalling the February address, he added that government aid should be restricted. It must depend on the affordability and value. To ensure this the federal government has released a college score card to get student and guardians feedbacks and approval.

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