Top Five Presentation Of America’ Got Talent By Website Survey

The showbiz thrives best on reality shows. With all the non-scripted performances, dramas, rivalry, gossips and tantrums, it makes the TRPs soar. The 12th episode just before the semi-final of America’s Got Talent naturally became the best one with all the necessary touch of spice. The August 20 live performance had all the flavors to entertain the viewers. In addition to the soulful music, there was sibling rivalry and many more. A popular website,, reporting on the glam world listed top five performances from the talent contest, after a thorough survey.
The dance group of Catapult Entertainment made an outstanding performance while dancing with their shadows. Their awesome performance was dedicated to the Newtown families. The impressive performance made all the judges and the audiences give a standing ovation. Their journey began from a castle to a bicycle and later focusing on the entire voyage of life. They performed Madonna’s “Like a Payer”. Heidi acclaimed it to be the best performance of the night. So did Howie, who was stunned the way the group showed their sync and balance throughout the act.
America’ Got TalentAnother act, which deserves a special mention, is the heart wrenching song of Gospel Chorale of Virginia State University. Their solo as well as their chorus is amazing. The judges cannot be anything but be impressed at the soulful musical score. Mel B confessed that at one point she almost wanted to jump out of her seat and join the group. Their energy level and their harmony were in perfect tune.
The unique feature of America’s Got Talent is that it provides a platform to all age groups and different kinds of presentation. A 53-year-old comedian, John Wing charged up the entire program, with his hilarious performance. Judge, Howie Mandel paid him a standing ovation and Mel B jovially praised him as “bloody funny”. They were particularly amazed at the act, which was starkly rooted on realism with the humorous part intact. His strong and confident voice modulation does not need the assistance of a celebrity voice. John Wing’s exceptional quality is that his wits are always juxtaposed with sarcasm. Its touch of reality makes it distinct. Thus, it stood apart as an act of dry wit amid the other graceful and sparking performances of the evening.
D’Angelo and his partner set the stage on fire, prompting the judges to exclaim it as flawless. He performed against his little sister that night. The other judge Howie was equally impressed by their unparallel performance. He was spell bound at the fact that they were so balanced being so young. For him it was utterly beautiful and perfect.
Among the top five performances, another unparallel one was by singer, Dave Fenley. He sang a beautiful melody by Ray LaMontagne- “The Trouble”.  It was undoubtedly one of the best enactments of the evening. He stole everyone’s heart with his gruff voice and soothing melody. Howie Stern though loved his original voice was not satisfied by his attire. The website, HollywoodLifers, however feels that  Dave need not change a thing.

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