Back Problems: Near Pandemic, But Treatable Ways To Avoid The Pain

There are a lot of things you can do to ensure your back doesn’t become a statistic with the other millions of damaged bodies. Starting with pain that comes from physical labor, reduce stress on your back by lifting with your legs.

When it comes to office work, you may consider standing rather than sitting. According to, an adjustable standing desk array helps a business, because “A healthier and happier team is a more productive team.” It makes sense: it’s easier to work when there’s no pain.

Still, your place of work may not be willing to buck for the additional support accoutrements, and you might have to invest in such a desk yourself. But an adjustable standing desk is going to save you pain, making you more productive than peers. You may be the trendsetter, and yet keep your own desk.

Some folks also get back pain due to inactivity, or poor physical health. Working out on a regular basis can really help your back, and it makes for a healthier life in general. Choose exercises that work the core without straining it. Biking is great, but you’ll be bent over. If you’ve already got back troubles, this is a recipe to increase them. Still, biking is good for your core. Mixing exercises is a good strategy.

Metering Activity

You may be in excellent shape, and you may work jobs that don’t strain your back in any way—so why is your back still hurting?

Sometimes the kind of activities we do on a daily basis are gradually harmful to us. Consider the video game couch potato. He or she sits for hours on end on a comfy couch in a single position. The couch takes away discomfort while simultaneously weakening the body.

The more such seats are sat in on a regular basis, the more the back is gradually compressed in a negative fashion over time. It can even be bent out of shape.

Another area that often induces back pain has to do with posture. Poor posture—leaning forward, slouching—reduces core strength. But the wonderful nature of the human body’s design makes it so that mass isn’t lost, it’s just reapportioned elsewhere.

Some people who develop into hunchbacks aren’t that way due to a genetic predisposition, but due to a lifestyle of hunched walking, and seated slouches. Ultimately, self-esteem can be an underlying cause of back-pain, as it decreases the power of your posture.

Be conscientious about these things in your daily life, and you’re likely to decrease your back pain while increasing your core strength. Don’t be afraid to look into adjustable desks designed with such positive back-health solutions in mind, either.

That Persistent Ache

Back Problems: Near Pandemic, But Treatable Ways To Avoid The Pain

Anyone who has ever worked a full day knows the feeling. For those who must pilot desks, it often comes between the shoulder blades, or right at the base of the neck. Those who heavily lift things on a regular basis often get the same pain in the small of their back.

But there are measures which can be taken to help curtail this pain, and those measures should be taken. Not properly treating your back can lead to serious conditions over time. Nearly three million Americans need surgery for back pain on a regular basis; and over fifty-six million experience it.

The United States’ population is approximately three-hundred and twenty-four million right now. That means approximately seventeen percent of all Americans experience back problems. That’s around one in six. If it weren’t for the preventability of such back problems, the issue would technically be a pandemic.

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