It Isn’t A Performance Space Without Auditorium Seating

A Defining Seat Solution

Any old open space can host a show and seat its audience on fold-out metal chairs for the duration. This is what many school productions do on a budget—and that’s certainly the caliber of performance one expects from such an auditorium.

Going this route short-changes venues and performers. Sure, a slap-dash solution where a show isn’t the regular use of a given space can afford such sub-par seating. But anything professional severely suffers from it. It’s all in the words.

The Meaning of Auditorium

Technically, the term “auditorium” means “listening space”, or “place where something is heard”. Now are you able to properly listen to something when there’s a lot of noise? How about when there are a lot of distracting images in your periphery? How about when you’re exceptionally uncomfortable?

For a play to truly hit home and be effective on all levels, you want to take away as many distractions from the audience as you can. That means giving them seating which is comfortable enough that they can truly become engaged with the show itself.

If your listeners can’t listen, then why call the space an auditorium? It’s really just a big room where nobody can properly absorb anything.

The Stylistic Element

According to Sanctuary Seating, theater chairs “add style to your facility.” They communicate a message: this place has been specifically designed to facilitate easy listening. This facility is top-tier, and worthy of your patronage.

From films to dance numbers and theatrical performances, to comedic showcases and sketch arrangements, any performance space with seating designed for the purpose becomes instantly enhanced.

Such enhancement will likely increase your patronage. Consider theaters of old. They always had no expense spared on their interior quality. The outside of the building might be lackluster, but inside, curtains, chandeliers, and intricately designed artistry define the space.

By fully embracing the stylistic improvements which are possible in an auditorium, theater, or other performance space, you can maximize the patrons of your institution, increase the budgets involved in your shows, and continually exceed expectations even as your business expands.

More Than Just Performance

Any show that is live requires rehearsal. Even solitary standup comedians rehearse material they’ve specifically designed. Granted, they may improvise in the moment, but it’s almost always from a core of rehearsed, worked-out material.

When you’ve got a theater space that looks like a theater space should, it’s going to make rehearsal more substantive and effective. Additionally, it’s going to relieve your cast slightly. When a group of individuals is working a twelve hour Saturday defining a performance, they’ll need rest.

Especially with performances that have a high degree of physicality, between scenes the cast will want to sit and rest a while. The more effectively they can rest, the more effectively they can perform. Additionally, directors, stage managers, and other development personnel benefit from proper seating.

Oftentimes such individuals watch from the first or second row as the show begins, then gradually transition further into the theater to ensure that all seats in the house can hear entertainers no matter which seats tickets may lead those patrons to.

Take A Load Off

When all is said and done, going the professional route for theater seating really makes the most sense. It increases patronage through communicated stylishness, increases performers’ and directors’ ability, and increases the value of your property, ultimately. Really, it’s all an upward spiral.

If your performance space doesn’t have proper seating, check the budget and see if you can afford to make the switch. It really is an investment that stands to pay the investor back over time.

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