How To Keep Yourself Calm Down from Anxiety?

It’s an exhausting to live with symptoms of anxiety. Daily millions of people search online for different ways to get rid of it. Of course, there are different therapies are available but still it takes long time to treat this mental health problem. However, there are certain ways that can help you to manage with anxiety.

How To Keep Yourself Calm Down from Anxiety?

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, around 40 million adults (age 18 and older) are suffering from this mental illness in USA. Sometimes, poor people suffering from anxiety cannot afford the cost of the medical treatment. They need something which can help them to treat anxiety without spending even a single penny from their pocket. Thus, we have come up with some ways to keep yourself calm down from anxiety in a natural way.

How to Stop Anxiety at Home?

It’s extremely difficult to live with anxiety forever. You should not under estimate this mental illness and should not be ignored as well. Try to practice below mentioned techniques to manage with your anxiety.

Get Control Over your Breathing

Habit of poor breathing is one of the major anxiety symptoms. It disturbs the balance of CO2 in the body and cause hyperventilation. Poor breathing contribute to anxiety and make it worsen. Thus, taking control over breathing is the only solution. It doesn’t mean that you speed up the breathing process or slow it down suddenly. It should be controlled, slower and shallower breaths.

It maintains the proportion of CO2 and do not make you feel hyperventilation.

Share Your Feelings with Friends

Distraction is considered to be an effective remedy of anxiety. When you are feeling anxiety symptoms, make a call someone with whom you can share what you are feeling. Share that you are feeling anxious and explain everything that you’re experiencing.

It will boost your confidence and make you realize that there is someone to watch over you and care for you. It makes you feel better and lighter.

Do Some Exercise

Exercise is an effective alternative that you can adopt to fight with your anxiety. During the panic attacks body is filled with adrenaline which make your heart beat faster. Thus, doing an exercise is the best option to control the production of adrenaline. Moreover, workout releases endorphins which improve overall mood, reduce muscular stress, burns away stress hormones and control the breathing.

In short, exercise is a good distraction that actually improve your anxiety symptoms.

Do what you Like

We all have something in our life which make us happy and calm. Surprisingly, these things can also help us to relieve stress and anxiety as well. When you are feeling stressed or symptoms of anxiety do not suppress it and try to make yourself busy in doing what you like. Do what you like, whether it is warm bathing, listening songs, watching movies, reading, writing, or visiting to a peaceful place, etc.

It gives you happiness and make you feel good.

Consider Kava Herb

It is a natural herb contains anti-anxiety properties. Kava is believed to be an effective natural way to relax yourself from anxiety. Kava is a root which has calming effects thus it is used to relieve anxiety symptoms. It is the best alternative of some antidepressants like benzodiazepines and tricyclic.

However, it is better to take expert advice before using Kava for anxiety.

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