Bear Buying Checklist

If you’re going to hit the shops, do you take a list? I thought so. Most of us do. Mainly because it stops us from splurging, but also to help us remember everything. If you’re buying a teddy bear for someone or yourself ts year, we’ve put together a checklist of everything you’ll need to think about and buy for the new arrival.

Finding the Right Teddy

Firstly, you’ll need to think about where you’re buying the teddy from. There are a few merchants selling teddy bears in the UK, but it’s important to go with a well-respected name. Be My Bear or Bear Factory are one of the first companies in the country to sell no-sew teddy bear kits. On the website you’ll find a whole host of teddy bears to choose from, as well as a number of other animals, from tigers and dolphins, to turtles and even unicorns.

Bear Buying Checklist

Dressing your Teddies

After the teddy itself, the next most important thing about your gift is the teddy bear clothes. There are hundreds of outfits to choose from, including basic t-shirts and shorts, summer dresses, shoes, pyjamas, fancy dress outfits and even wedding attire. Whatever the occasion, you’ll be able to bring your new best friend along as there is clothing for just about everything. Forget about dressing up your dolls, it’s time to turn to teddy bear clothes and join the latest craze.


It’s not just Bear Factory teddy bear clothes that are available for your furry friend, you can also accessorise with jewellery, handbags, glasses, hats and so on. Whatever you might buy for your own wardrobe, you can buy for your teddy. Complete every outfit with the right accessories

There’s still more though! A voice box will turn your standard teddy bear into a friend for life. You can choose from animal noises, for example, if you got a pig, you’ll probably want an oinky sound rather than a roar. Other options include songs, such as Rock-a-bye-baby and Twinkle Twinkle, but also blank ones so that you can record your own special message.

Birthday Parties

If you’re buying for a little ones birthday, you could go the extra mile and throw a teddy bear birthday party instead. Each guest gets their own teddy bear to make and clothing to dress them in. It’s a great way to celebrate a birthday that they’ll never forget.

Teddy bears are a great a gift for anyone, whether they’re a newborn, young child, teenager or even senior citizen. Just about everyone needs a cuddle occasionally no matter what they’re age, so treat the person you love to a build-your-own teddy bear – don’t forget to follow the checklist!

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