No Such Thing As Bad Weather

Think we may have all heard of this saying at one time, usually finished with “only bad clothing” Before 2009 kids clothing was rather sensible and very practical and did its job with some sense of purpose. In 2009 a new company called Kozi Kidz launched their first products aimed squarely at kids and their parents to offer something completely new and different.

No Such Thing As Bad Weather

Nearly five years on and Kozi kidz are now multi-award winning and continue to innovate what has now become a very busy and lucrative market. Over the past few years technology has increased the demand for technical wear, advanced materials, textures, fabrics and the ability to be used over many types of weather, seasons and leisure pursuits. In truth parents want more from their outerwear than ever before, kids have become more fashion savvy and so the kids outwear market has boomed.
In order for some companies to try and compete there seems to be an explosion of jargon to describe the ability to weather the weather so to speak. Terms like Rain proof, all weather protection, water repellent, waterproof and many other variations. This allows some manufacturers to appear to be giving value for money for a garment that is many cases has not been described adequately.

To cut out the guess work Kozi Kidz products that state waterproof are exactly that. Taped seams, waterproof from a minimum 2000mm up to 5000mm, windproof and breathable. No guesswork required, put simply the wearer will remain dry no matter what kind of weather is thrown at them.

Kozi kidz could have stopped there; designing jacket, coats and trousers that just do what they say on the label, but this is where they listened to feedback from parents and the kids themselves.

Robust and super strong zips that are easier to do up with a zip garage at the top to prevent the zip from snagging on skin….(ouch). Soft fabrics which the kids love, soft does not mean easy to tear as they have been tested for this also. Fleece lined chin areas to prevent chaffing, trousers that come with braces so that they stay up easier. Hand warmer pockets, super tough Oxford jackets that even better tear resistant qualities. Ski suits with longer zips on legs, fleece lined and multiple pockets for handy storage.

Whatever the weather Kozi kidz have created, designed and sold a suit , jacket, trouser, mid layer, base layer that will fit the bill. On top of that bright colours, machine washable and even merino wool base layers are all now made by Kozi Kidz.  Kozi Kidz have been a very active company over the last few years and they have made sure that their ranges are designed to be mixed and matched with each other, be it a thermal base layer, or super soft fleece mid layer, they will fit perfectly with the outer layers so well that there really is a truth to the saying “no such thing as bad weather” only “poor clothing” unless of course you are wearing a kozi kidz branded product!

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