Becoming A Personal Trainer: Making Other Feel Great!

Do you have a passion for health and fitness? Do you yearn for the opportunity to teach your passion to others? Maybe you just want to love what you do for a living. Whatever the reason is that you choose personal training as a career, there are certain steps you have to take to become a personal trainer and several things you will want to consider before stepping in to this type of career. Some type of training will be needed to obtain a position such as this and certification is important to show to your clients that you are qualified to do the job. Certified personal trainers like those at Inklein Fitness and Rehab have the knowledge and skills to tailor a routine that is right for each individual.

Becoming A Personal Trainer: Making Other Feel Great!

Steps to Become a Personal Trainer

Depending on how you want to pursue your career in personal training, it is very beneficial to go to school with a major in some type of degree relevant to health and fitness. While a degree is not always required, it is definitely beneficial to both you as a trainer and the facility you may be looking to get hired at. Having a degree can give personal skills that can help with dealing with different people and their needs. It will also give you insight into different aspects of health. For instance, exercise science is an area that can give you a lot of information about what kind of effects exercise will have on your body. Also, a major in health and fitness management can give you a comfortability with things like nutrition when paired with exercise.


Whether you have a degree or not however, to become a personal trainer you will be required to be certified. The certification for any personal trainer will have to be recognized by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). There are many certifications available and the ones you choose should be tailored to what you plan to do with your career. Once certified, you will have the ability to design programs for your clients that fit their goals and abilities. You will do this with safety and nutrition in mind for each client. The next step would be to find a facility to start your training portfolio. Places like fitness centers, rehabilitation centers, and private clubs are just a few of the places that look for personal trainers to assist clients with their fitness goals.

If you have decided that merely working out and keeping yourself fit is not enough for you, consider making this practice a way of life. Being able to teach others what you enjoy doing so much is even more rewarding than achieving your goals. You will feel the joyous sensation when you can help others do the same thing. Don’t make this decision hastily, however as all people are not meant to teach. If you feel like you can make a difference by teaching and motivating others with the principles you are passionate about, don’t hesitate to go for that certification and make others’ lives more fulfilling.

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